Saturday, March 26, 2016

Pinoy Goodies at Jack’s Blue Plate Diner

Pinoy Goodies at Jack’s Blue Plate Diner 

We were back at Jack’s Blue Plate Diner, 
our favorite restaurant in Naga City, known
to serve delicious American specialty dishes.

This time, we decided to order their Pinoy fares
and see how a popular American restaurant with
an American chef would fare on Filipino cuisine.

We started our dinner with Salmon Belly Sinigang sa Miso.
Although we love sinigang, we always wanted it with just a
slight tinge of sourness and this one was just too sour for us.
This may have been an attempt to please the Pinoy palate that
others may appreciate - but the sourness made me cringe.

The Sizzling Salmon Belly was very delicious and was
delightfully creamy, while the tender large fish belly
chunks had an addicting melt in the mouth consistency.

We also liked Wild Sea Shells which was  served in a 
hot plate. A variety of fresh sea shells and seafood was 
bathed in a delicious spicy and sweetish cream sauce

The Herbed Buttered Chicken, I believe was a pre- fried chicken,
bathed with rich white sauce that tasted like a Carbonara. It was
sprinkled with aromatic and flavorful herbs and it tasted very good.

The Beef Broccoli had chunky but lean, tender beef nuggets with
  fresh broccoli is a must try, as it was hale and hearty- yet very delicious.


We again had a satisfying dinner on or favorite restaurant and
aside from the sinigang which we found too sour, we found
everything else very delicious and worth coming back for more.

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