Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Holy Week Home Cooking

Holy Week Home Cooking 

We make it a point to stay home during lent, as
going on a trip during this season is not ideal and
becomes irritatingly uncomfortable due to the huge
crowd vacationing on the long holy week break.

This was also our chance to stay home,
do nothing and laze around whole day,

…depend of food delivery services for sustenance,

…feast on our favorite restaurant dishes,

...without having have to leave home.

When everything seem to go in a standstill on Good Friday,
it is our chance to bond in the kitchen by cooking some
easy to cook, delicious and hale- but lent friendly dishes.

We found several Toblerone bars in the pantry,


…and we decided to cook them,


…with unsweetened Peotraco chocolate
powder to neutralize the sweetness,


…to a hot a fluffy Hot Choco,


…a Tsokolate Eh to the max that could
put Padre Salvi’s version to shame.


Another easy to cook dish
that we love is Baked Beans,


…pre- soaked overnight,



...drained and slow cooked over low fire,


…pre- mixed organic pasta sauce is added,





...and served piping hot.

Israeli Couscous is a delightfully delicious
lent friendly dish and just as appropriate as
is a pasta dish very popular in the Holy Land.


It is easy to cook as it has only three basic ingredients; 


 ....the microwave heated water,

…pre packed organic Israeli couscous pearl pasta with
pumpkin seeds, flavored with bell peppers and currants,

…mixed together with a tablespoon of olive oil,


…cover the dish and cook in high setting
for 8 minutes in the microwave oven,

…pluff  with fork when done,



…serve hot and enjoy.

Cooking during the long holy week vacation
gives us a break from doing nothing at all.

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