Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Disney’s Grand Christmas Parade: The Grandest Parade of Them All (Christmas 2014 Series 2)

Disney’s Grand Christmas Parade 
The Grandest Parade of Them All
(Christmas 2014 Series 2) 

If I have Maleficent’s magic mirror and given
a chance to ask Mirror, mirror on  the wall,
which is the grandest Christmas parade of all? 

I wouldn’t be surprised if it answers with a smirk, 
“Disney’s Grand Christmas Parade of course, silly”. 

We were lucky to witness the very first Christmas Parade for 
Disney’s 2014 Christmas Season when we visited Disneyland
Anaheim more than a month ago, which I extensively blogged
on my recently concluded  Anaheim Theme Park City Series.

The Disney's Christmas Parade was heralded by people
selling beautiful  balloons of different shapes and colors.

The first to appear had a label of Christmas Fantasy, that had
a Christmas Teddy Bear and a Classic Music Box with a lovely 
Music Box Dancer placed on layers of books serving as a float.

This was followed by dancing Nutrcracker’s Toy Soldiers 
while playing lively Christmas tunes on their trumpets.

They were followed by Dancing Elves,

...then by popular Disney characters like Mickey  
and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck 
while on a holiday vacation in a winter log house.

The next parade theme was heralded
by a number of Dancing Snowmen, 

…and followed by a huge open book and a wooden
bookstand with a poem about Winter Wonderland.

Lovable Disney characters came sleighing
on the street like Winnie the Pooh,


…while Eeyore sluggishly walked,
pulling his supposedly  broken sleigh.

A beautiful and sparkling snow- laden giant 
Chirstmas Tree followed by its lonesome.

Lovely dancing ladies in white Christmas attires
came skating like they were gliding gracefully on
snow  rather than the snow- less concrete road.

They were followed by the beautiful
float from the hit movie Frozen.

The parade’s theme changed from the cold
and frozen winter wonderland to warm
and comforting Gingerbread Man Treats.

 …that had Carabelle , a group of bakers and several 
Gingerbread Men came dancing on the street,

…and followed by Pluto and Goofy in a
Hansel and Gretel inspired Gingerbread house.

The prelude to the next parade theme was provided by 
Cinderella’s clumsy Stepsisters and cruel Stepmother.

Then came the giant book again with an invitiation
to a candle- light Christmas Ball written on it,

…followed by the lovely Disney Princesses 
either walking regally on the street,

…or riding the magnificent royal looking float.

The grand finale came the huge book again
announcing the  Santa’s Toyland  theme,

…followed by Chip and Dale driving a jeep
and sometimes stepping out of the car to
interact with the people watching the parade.

Then the float bearing Woody 
from the Toy Story movie,

…and was again followed by lively Dancing Elves,

...followed by Pinocchio in his magnificent float,

the Dancing Elves, once more, 

… and Buzz Lightyear, 
also from Toy Story. 

Young men and women street dancers swaying
to the beat of Merry Christmas Polka followed,

…and the e second giant Christmas Tree came by,
but this one is green, in contrast to the snowy white 
Christmas tree that came earlier in the parade.

A group of dancing and prancing Reindeers 
came a a prelude to the parade’s grand final float,

… that bears Santa on a sleigh,

…high up on the (Christmas) tree tops,

…after taking off from his
house at the wintry North Pole.

The parade ended with pretty girls
dressed in sexy Santa costumes,

…and the cleaning crew sweeping
the road at the tail end of the parade.

There is no doubt that Disney’s Grand Christmas Parade 
is definitely  the grandest Christmas parade of them all,

… no need for Maleficent’s talking
magic mirror on the wall to say that.

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