Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cake My Day’s Christmas Cupcakes: Delicious Christmas Mini- Masterpieces (Christmas 2014 Series 1)

Cake My Day’s Christmas Cupcakes 
Delicious Christmas Mini- Masterpieces 
(Christmas 2014 Series 1) 

My son has been their class section’s unofficial cake
bearer for their annual potluck school Christmas Party,

…and every year CakeMy Day has been creating
awesome and delicious Christmas cakes for them,
 like the Gingerbread House themed cake that the kids
in the kindergarten class tightly guarded  and did not want
to eat it anymore as they did not want to ruin the cake.


It was followed by a love Winter Wonderland 
themed cake on his pre- school Christmas party,

…and a delightful Santa’s Playhouse 
themed cake when he was on Grade 1.

This year we decided to bring Christmas Cupcakes 
instead of the usual stylist cakes in the past,

…and as usual, Cake My Day delivered
a delightful and lovely Christmas treat. 

Cake My Day created a 
delicious mini- masterpieces,

…intricate works of art,

…depicting delightful Christmas
symbols on every cup- cake.

My son’s classmates in school have been eagerly
looking forward for their yearly Christmas Party,

…all waiting excitedly with abated breaths on what 
Cake My Day got in store for them every Christmas,

…and every year, Cake My Day, never leave them
disappointed with their beautiful and yummy cakes.

A good thing though, it is easier to order cakes at Cake My Day 
this time as they recently opened an outlet at SM City Naga.

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