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Legoland California: Carlsbad's Magical Lego Paradise (Anaheim, Theme Park City Series 6)

Legoland California 
Carlsbad's Magical Lego Paradise 
(Anaheim, Theme Park City Series 6)   

Although we have been to Southern California several times,
we have never visited Legoland in Carlsbad in the past.

With my daughter graduating in high school next year,
and my son had turned ten this year, we beleive that it is
time to visit Legoland  before they outgrow the theme park.

We have been to Legoland Discovery Center
in  Berlin, Germany about three years ago,

…but it was a small indoor facility located inside
the Sony Center Building in Postdamereplatz.

Legoland California had a minimalist
entrance that had a huge Lego Store,

…and several life sized figures made of
lego blocks where guests can pose for photos.

One had to pass by a lagoon to get into
the main park and lead to the Dino Island.

We immediately tried the Coastesaurus, 
a roller coaster ride we extremely enjoyed.

It also had  Dig Those Dinos attraction  that
could make kids dig for ‘fuax’ dinosaur fossils.

The next zone was the Duplo Village,
where the kids enjoyed the Safari Trek,

…the Fairy Tale Brook,

…and Lego the Movie Experience, the miniature
studio set created where the hit Lego movie was shot.

The kids also enjoyed the Waterworks,

…and the Duplo Playtown, a playground
both located on the same zone.

The Fun Town Zone had the more rides
and we had fun at the Sky Cruiser, one
of the most popular rides in the park.

The Kid Power Tower where kids and parents
ride to the top of a tower by pulling themselves
manually  and  get a great view of the entire park.

The Sky Patrol is also located in this zone
where kids can pretend to be helicopter pilots,


…and the Flight Squadron where kids
get to pretend to fly their own biplanes.

There are other rides in the zone that we
skipped as we headed to Castle Hill,

...for lunch at the  Knight's Table BBQ.

Castle Hill creates the illusion of the
time when  kings and queens reigned. 

The era of prince and princess, witches,
sorcerers and knights in shining armors.

There were several attractions in this
zone that we didn’t have chance to ride,

…as my son repeatedly lined up on
the Royal Joust,  where very young kids 
can ride their very own LEGO horse that
gallops around an enchanted forest, and
populated with jousting LEGO knights.

We had to tell him to stop, as he would miss
the other rides on the other theme park zones.

We then moved to The Land of Adventure,
which transported us to old Egypt of 1920’s,

…and we enjoyed Lost Kingdom Adventure, the
park’s first dark ride. A 16-foot tall LEGO pharaoh  
guards the entrance where the journey begins to recover
stolen treasure by blasting targets with laser guns. 

There are other attractions adjacent
to the hidden ruins, like Cargo Ace,

Beetle Bounce

…and Dune Riders, a 30-foot-high giant slide, with six
side-by-side racing lanes and a pair of  double- helix corkscrews
which the kids enjoyed very  much and repeatedly fell in line.

There were plenty of attractions 
on the Imagination Zone,

…but we had to skip most as it was getting late and the
park would close at five in the afternoon  and we have not
been to Miniland yet, the park’s most popular attraction,

…so we chose to ride the Lego Technic Coaster,
the park’s most extreme ride where brave guests
ride a life-size LEGO TECHNIC vehicle that initially
drops down at fifty feet and powerfully accelerates,
as it zigzags along a wild roller coaster track.

We then raced to the Miniland USA, considered
as the heart of Legoland California Resort.

 Described by its brochure, as ‘a dedication to
the ultimate expression of the LEGO art form,

Miniland USA includes reproductions of seven
areas of the United States, all constructed with
twenty million LEGO bricks in 1:20 scale.’

Each miniature structure in Miniland USA is
an impressive work of art, built by artisans,

… with utmost dedication and meticulously
re- created even up to the smallest detail.

It was an awe inspiring experience for the kids realizing
on how vast what human imagination can do.

Most of Legoland Calfornia’s attractions
are meant for young children,

 …it is not as massive as Disneyland,
but the park closes rather early at 5PM,
so we weren’t  able to try all the rides .

We came here believing  that our growing kids would soon
outgrow Legoland, but this time my outlook changed .

In 10 to 15 years, our children would become
adults and may have families of their own,
while my wife and I would grow older by then,

…but I would always look forward for the time
that we would visit Legoland in the future, with
our grown up children and of course, with their own

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