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The Best Family Vacation Destination Abroad: The Best of Stay, Stray, Play and Feast

The Best Family Vacation Destination Abroad: Southern California
The Best of Stay, Stray, Play and Feast
First Anniversary Posts
(Series 1)

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Hilton Hotel Alcove Room, Universal Studios LA  / Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego

Stay, Stray, Play and Feast began
last June 19, 2012. After one year
and with  more than 36,000 hits,
(as of June 7, 2013)

…I am posting the best (and the worst)
of the one year of travel reviews
featured in this blog.

I would start the best postings
with the best family vacation
destination abroad.

Stay, Stray, Play and Feast 

I was rooting for 
Athens, Greece,

….while my wife’s choice
was the Czech Republic

However, the two kids
were unanimous with their choice-
Southern California.

As parents, who are we not to agree 
on the kids’ fondness to this fabulous
 vacation destination  that they enjoyed so much?

Indeed, Southern California  is home to two
of the most beautiful cities of the world
like Los Angeles,

…and San Diego.

I cannot remember how many times
We've been to Southern California,

^^8 years before

^^8 years after

…but we never get tired of visiting
the same places, the same  destinations
and the same attractions  over and over again.

^^8 years before

^^8 years after

It is home to three of the most
popular theme parks in the world.

The original Sea World, San Diego,

…the original 
Anaheim, Disneyland,

...and the original 
Universal Studios.

It is also the home to one of the best zoos
in the world- the iconic San Diego Zoo.

^^8 years before

^^8 years after

Two other themeparks located in Southern California
are the Knott's Berry Farm, America's oldest themepark,

...and Legoland, California in Carlsbad.


Newer Sea World and Disneyland Parks
have sprouted in other parts of the world,

…but people (including us) 
just kept on coming back
again and again and again,
as no one beats seeing the original,

^^8 years before

^^8 years after

^^4 years later

It gives an impression that fun
was invented and originated
in Southern California-

^^8 years before

^^8 years after

^^4 years later

For Stay, Stray, Play, and Feast
it is an unbeatable choice as the
Best Family Vacation Destination
in the World.

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