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The Best Dining Destination Abroad: The Best of Stay, Stray, Play and Feast

The Best Dining Destination Abroad:
Restaurace Maštal, Cezky Kromulov, 
The Czech Republic
The Best of Stay, Stray, Play and Feast
First Anniversary Posts
(Series 9)

Right in the heart of a ancient medieval town
of Cezky Kromulov, at the Czech Republic.
two to three hours drive from Prague,

…is a place taken right out of the pages
of a fairy tale book, a beautiful kingdom
in a far away land- but this one is for real.

It is where you get to taste good old pastries
enjoyed by the Bohemian Royalties in the past,

…and where we found a restaurant so unique
that one should experience dining in his lifetime.

The Restaurace Maštal, is located at the
Cezky Kromulov’s very old town square,

…housed in what used to be
an old building’s animal shelter.

Restaurant diners had to walk on a narrow
cobbled old passageway  down the cellar
where the main dining area is located.

Being in the restaurant gives you
goose bumps realizing that you are
coming face to face with the past.

Traces of what used to be the animal’s
feeding tubs serve as side tables,

…antique garden tools, 

and  animal harnesses from the Middle Ages
serve as wall decors that enhances
the restaurant’s medieval feel.

They serve traditional Czech cuisine,
from old recipes that complements the
authentically archaic restaurant motif.

Dining in Restaurace Maštal,
is a unique experience as it
is like being stuck in a time warp,

…without having to use
a time machine.


For Stay, Stray, Play and Feast, and based
on our personal experience-  the Restaurace Maštal,
is the  Best Dining Destination Abroad.

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