Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Siloso Beach Resort Hotel

Siloso Beach Resort Hotel
Nature at its Best
Sentosa, Singapore

We took some of our loyal employees
to  Singapore for rest and recreation,

...and we scouted for an affordable
 budget hotel accommodation
right at the Resort Island of Sentosa.

The net search led us to the
 Siloso Beach Resort Hotel.

It offered affordable rates and had a perfect location
as it  was close to almost
all attractions of Sentosa Island.

It was located few steps 
to the Sentosa Luge,

…just in front of the 
beautiful Siloso Beach,

…walking distance to  a popular attraction
called the Songs of the Sea,

...few blocks away from the
Universal Studios Singapore;

…a tram stop is located just in front of the hotel
for those who didn’t want to walk,

…and just few blocks away from the
Train Station,

…and bus station,

…that would directly connect
one to mainland Singapore.

Siloso Beach Resort Hotel tags itself  
as an environment friendly hotel and  
had received awards to boost the claim.

It was built within a breathtaking a rain forest
and right in front of a gorgeous  beachfront.

siloso beach resort sentosa-露台上看到的海滩
The hotel lobby 
had an outdoor feel ,

...as you are surrounded with the
the green flora and fauna 
of a tropical rain forest,

...and is located  at the topmost part of the hotel
and accessible by a mountain road.

 I believe it is the only hotel where the entrance
reception and the check -in   areas are 
located at the top most floor of the building.

It is connected to the hotel rooms
with series wooden bridges and pathways.

The hotel was built following the mountain  terrain
and each floor follows the slope of the mountain.

They also made sure that the trees 
were not cut when the hotel was built.

The guest  rooms are located 
at the lower levels of the building

....and  the lower most is the Hotel Café  
where the buffet breakfast is served, 
fronting the main street,

....and serves as the hotel's access
to the famous Siloso Beach.

The hotel rooms are old,
 has seen better days
and needing renovation,

....but nevertheless 
they are still comfortable 
and tidy.

The hotel is sandwiched 
between the mountain,

...and the sea so it offers a spectacular 
 view of the beautiful ocean on one side

…and of the virgin rain forest 
on the balcony on the other side.

It had a beautiful outdoor garden
on the ground floor.

This hotel has the one of the most fabulous
swimming pool I have ever seen.

It is apparently a fresh water spring swimming pool
where the water cascades from a 5 storey waterfall

...and goes down to a pool 
that follows a natural river course,

....leading to the forest.

The kids had a great time 
swimming in the pool,

....and despite the great attractions 
of Sentosa Island, it was very difficult 
to pull them out of the pool.

It also has a direct access to the beautiful Siloso Beach
and the beach is perfect for an early morning swim.

The Sun, the Sea, the Mountain and the Forest.
They are unbelievably all here in this hotel.

Some guests are turned off that the hotel
is old and definitely needs renovation,

....but with their very low  budget rate,
very, very strategic location,
and unbeatable hotel amenities-

The picky side of us didn’t really mind
the room's almost dilapidated condition,

...and everyone just had a lot of fun
in Sentosa.

I love this hotel, I would sure love
to see this beautiful hotel back
to its top shape in the near future.

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