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Knott’s Berry Farm: America’s Oldest Theme Park (Anaheim, Theme Park City Series 7)

Knott’s Berry Farm 
America’s Oldest Theme Park 
(Anaheim, Theme Park City Series 7) 

I have visited Southern California several times 
but never had a chance to visit Knott’s Berry Farm,
 the oldest and very first theme park in the United States.

We have visited Camp Snoopy, its sister theme park at
the Mall of America in Minneapolis,  Minnesota, and
the much smaller Snoopy World, in Hong Kong in the
past and finally, we decided  to visit the real thing this time.

We actually visited Knott's Berry Farm on our last day in
 the US  while we were in Los Angeles, but I included this post 
in this  ongoing Anaheim Series, as Buena Park, where the 
theme park is located is much closer here than it is to L.A.   

This is the 6th theme park that we visited since we arrived in the US
 but we never seemed to suffer any degree  of theme park fatigue,
 and everyone was excited on our way to Knott’s Berry Farm.

And our enthusiasm heightened when we caught the sight of the
 park’s tegula roofed entrance that exuded a warm, old world charm.

Snoopy dressed in Santa was in the entrance, 
so the kids lined up to have a photo with him.

We immediately headed to Camp Snoopy,
home to most of the park’s family and kiddy rides-

...so the kids were able to try almost all the rides 
as they are meant for very young children. 


From the Woodstock Airmail, 


Red Baron,

Baloon Race,


...Linus Launcher,


…the unexpectedly very fast-
moving High Sierra Ferris Wheel,

Camp Bus,


Charlie Brown's Kite Flyer,

….Pig Pen's Mud Buggies, 

Rapid River Run,

Rocky Mountain Trucking Company, 

...including the moderately 
extreme Sierra Sidewinder,

…and the Timberline Twister. 

Just after we completed the Camp Snoopy rides, my daughter 
met up with her former classmate from Naga City who is now based 
in San Diego, and off they went on their own, and we instructed
 them to see us at four PM so we could have dinner together.  

While me, my wife and my young son  
headed  to the  Indian Trails,

...and queued  to the  Butterfield Stagecoach. 

It is a real stagecoach that takes guests on a leisurely ride
around and one of the original rides developed in 1949.

We then went to the Ghost Town Zone, the
most historic part of the theme park as it  one
of the original and oldest attractions of the park.

The Ghost Town is a venue where craftsmen and
artisans can demonstrate their skills from metal crafts, 

...glass blowing,

...traditional candy making,

...and cloth spinning to name a few.

This is also the site of notable historical structures
like the Bird Cage Theater that hosts seasonal shows,

…and the Calico Stage at Calico Square,
 both are original attractions when this
very first American theme park was built.

Guests should not miss the Calico Mine Ride,
on of the oldest attractions in the park which was
recently renovated and re-opened June this year.

This is also where we rode Calico Ghost Train,

...populated with people dressed in turn of the century 
costumes from the pretty Ghost Town Mayor's wife,

...the Sheriff and his sleepy deputy, 

...and the friendly train conductor. 


It is also in this zone where the Ghost Rider
 is located, a classic wooden roller coaster.

We also feasted on yummy cookies and pastries 
for  snacks at the Ghost Town Bakery in this zone.

The Wild Wilderness Zone was located nearby.

This is where the Bigfoot Rapids is found and this
exciting white water rafting ride should no be missed.

Also in this area is the Timber Mountain Log Ride. 

The Boardwalk area is where most
of the extreme rides are located.

I tried two rides with my young son, 
like the Pacific Scrambler,

...and the Pacific Gliders.

Ironically  this is apparently where my daughter and her
 friend had the most fun and tried all the extreme rides. 

 Our last  stop was the Fiesta Village,

…where the Merry Go- Round is located,

...together with other moderate to extreme rides.

My daughter and her friend joined us later in the afternoon 
to watch the the Lucy's Christmas Wish at Camp Snoopy.

Of all the theme parks we visited during this vacation,
we unexpectedly had the most fun in Knott's Berry Farm.

It could have been due to the fact that this was our very
first visit here, unlike in other parks where we have visited 
repeatedly in the past, the wide eyed-  first time visitor's 
awe and  excitement have not weaned out yet,

...but one thing for sure,  Knott’s Berry Farm, may be  the only

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