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Anaheim California Theme Park Overload America (Anaheim, Theme Park City Series 10)

Anaheim California 
Theme Park Overload America 
(Anaheim, Theme Park City Series 10) 

Some may disagree with me declaring Southern California   
as the theme park paradise in America, as Orlando, Florida  
boasts much bigger, newer and more modern versions and re-
invention of Disney World, Universal Studios and Seaworld,

…but everything really began in Anaheim.

Three popular theme parks are closely located
from each other, the original Disneyland Anaheim,


Disney’s California Adventure Park,

… and the Knott’s Berry Farm, America’s very
first theme park located few minutes drive away,

In nearby suburbs, the original Universal Studios-
Hollywood about 45 minutes away in Los Angeles,

Legoland, about an hour away in Carlsbad,

…the original Sea World San Diego, 

….and the famous San Diego Zoo 
about an hour and half  away.

These are the reasons why we always return and stay at least
few days in Anaheim  as it is in the center of all these attractions,

…and declared this as the best Family Destination Abroad 
 in my past blog. This time we decided to stay for five days 
as our first stop for this three city American autumn vacation.

We would then visit Las Vegas for another 5 days

…then return to Los Angeles and stay for a week
where I would be attending a medical convention. 

Day 1 

Our first day was lost to our long haul flight from Naga City,
 with 10 hours lay over in Manila which we spent at the 
Midas Hotel as we didn’t want to get stuck NAIA, that had a
notorious reputation of being one of the world’s worst airports.

…before flying to Los Angeles.

We were picked up by Prime Shuttle at LAX, which
I booked thru the net in advance, to take us to Anaheim.

We arrived shortly before midnight in Del Sol Inn,


…had a dinner at the nearby Denny’s Restaurant,

…and forced ourselves to sleep despite the awful jet lag as
we were expecting a busy day in Disneyland the next day. 

Day 2 

Me and my daughter had an early breakfast at the hotel-
we did not wake up my wife and son who were still asleep,

…and we were off to Disneyland before it opened.

We went to ride some of the attractions meant for older
kids that we knew my wife and young son would skip,

We initially lined up at Indiana Jones, but it
broke down halfway, so they gave us a priority
Fast Pass that we could use time of the day.

We then proceeded the other extreme rides,

…until we got a message from my wife that they are
ready so we went back to Del Sol Inn to pick them up.

We decided to go visit California Adventure Park 
as we bought a two day park-hopper tickets,

…and immediately proceeded to the park’s
newest popular attraction, the Car’s Land, 


…as we wanted to try the Radiator Springs 
and spent more than two hours on queue,

 but we did not regret- this new ride is
one of the best attractions in the park.

We had a snack at the Pacific Wharf, 

…and enjoyed the other
park rides and attractions,

…then had a late lunch
at the Taste Pilot’s Grill. 

We then watched the Disney-Pixar Parade, 

…and moved to the Disneyland Park, 

...just in time for the beautiful 
Disney’s Grand Christmas Parade.

We then returned to the  Indiana Jones ride, 

…enjoyed the rest of the rides in the park,

…and watched the fireworks before
the park closed at eight in the evening.

We dined at Tony Roma’s ,

…and retired at the hotel and
had a really good night sleep. 


Day 3 

We had a heavy breakfast at IHOP, located few steps
from our hotel and just in front of the Disneyland Resort. 

We again enjoyed our park hopper
tickets  on our third day in Anaheim,

….and had a great time hopping
in and out of the two theme parks.

We dined at Captain Kidd’s Buffet,

…and enjoyed a wide selection of yummy
American dishes for a really bargain price,

…then retired to our hotel. 

Day 4 

After having a breakfast, at Denny’s, 

…we headed to Tony Roma’s where we would be picked up by 
Gray Line, the tour company that we booked for Legoland tour.

We took a one hour scenic double- decker bus
ride to Carlsbad, where Legoland is located

…and everyone was excited as it was
everybody’s first time in this theme park.

We devoted the whole day in Legoland, 

…and had a great time,

…as most of the rides are
meant for very young kids.

The park closes early at five PM and we returned
to Anaheim just in time for dinner at Tony Roma’s. 

We returned to Del Sol Inn to pack up as we were
set to leave for Las Vegas, Nevada  the next day. 

Day 5 

We all woke up early and had an early breakfast
at Denny’s as we had a bus to catch to Las Vegas.

We were picked up at Tony Roma’s, 

…that took us to Lux Bus America  depot at Anaheim Garden Mall
Wlere we  boarded the  a Lux Bus America, and enjoyed the scenic
four and a half hour road trip, to the dazzling city of Las Vegas.

The bus dropped us off at the Harrah’s Hotel,

…and took a taxi to Tropicana Hotel which
would be our home for the next  five days,

…until we move to Los Angeles for the last
stop of our three city American autumn vacation.

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