Friday, September 18, 2020

Pirates Shack’s Lobster Noodles: Succulent Lobsters, Salty Noodles

Pirates Shack’s Lobster Noodles 
Succulent Lobsters, Salty Noodles

Pirates Shack’s is becoming one of our favorite restaurants. 
Although I have never seen its physical store but I have been 
ordering on- line delivery from this restaurant thru Hungrily. 

I have already ordered Pirates Shack’s Lobster Noodles 
in the past and it came with a box of generous bed of 
noodles topped with two medium sized handsome lobsters. 

I don’t know how they cooked them, 
but I believe they were steamed, and
 had a delightful hint of garlic, herb 
and tangy lemon- butter after taste. 

Crazy delicious succulent lobsters.

I can not say the same thing with the noodles. 
 It was so salty like the put a whole pack of salt on it.

But with lobsters these good, who 
cares about the briny noodles?

Toss the noodles to the trash- problem solved.

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