Friday, February 7, 2014

Gouda’s Gilde Originele Stroopwafel

Gouda’s Gilde Originele Stroopwafel 
 Heavenly Sweet Treat of Goodness

My addiction for Gouda’s Gilde Stroopwafel 
began in 1995 during a stopover  in Schipol 
in Amsterdam on my way to Helsinki.

I was still young, single and there was a free
taste  test in one of the shops in the airport 
 for this waffle and it was love at first bite.

I grabbed two boxes that I took with me
 to Finland and sustained my cravings for
this new found delicious pastry for a week.

In 2002, I returned to Europe, this time as a
married  man  with a five year old daughter.
We were on a three country tour which
began in Amsterdam where I introduced
my family to this sweet tasty treat.

And just like myself half a decade ago, 
it was love at first bite for my family
that we bought  several boxes that we
 took  all the way to Brussels, Belguim,

…and on to Paris, France.

Gouda’s Gilde  Stroopwafel also sustained
our sweet tooth when we grabbed several
boxes during our  stopover in Amsterdam
on our way to Athens Greece nine years ago.

We finally introduced our son to the waffle 
on his first European trip in 2012 where
we grabbed several boxes during our
Amsterdam stopover on our way to Berlin,

… that we took all the way to Prague,

…and  we again replenished our stocks
on our return to Amsterdam weeks later.

Unfortunately, the precious pastry is not available in the
 Philippines, so sometimes we had to satisfy our cravings 
with similar waffle versions from most 7 Eleven Stores,

…and Starbucks Naga,

....but nothing really comes 
close to the original.

Last December, my brother in-law working
in South Africa  texted us that he was on a
stopover in Schipol, Amsterdam . My whole
family looked at each other in a  collective
agreement  and only one thing mind: 
Gouda’s Gilde Originele Stroopwafel!

He returned to the Philippines and brought us
six boxes  of Gouda’s Gilde in a huge promo pack.

We savored tje creamy goodness of the
waffle that is best eaten when heated
fresh from a microwave oven, or placed
on top of a hot cup of coffee.

The perfectly baked dense waffle has
a very firm consistency on a bite
but melts in the mouth when eaten,

…while the caramel like filling was velvety
and had the exact sweetness the does not
overwhelm  the soft  but compact milky pastry.

The glorious taste of this heavenly sweet treat  will linger  in
 your subconscious  for so long that you would be desiring for
 more and it would captivate your craving as long as you live.


  1. I happened to bump into your blog This is one of the treats I have discovered also during my travels so I turned my cravings into a business. I am currently working on bringing this product to the Philippines straight from the Netherlands. Soon I will offer stroopwafels to the market. I am happy to see people here who are familiar and appreciate this products just the same. You may check for updates thru our facebook accountname Traveling Treats or Ilovetravelingtreats should you be interested to order them in the future.

    1. I am excited. My family is ecstatic.

      How do we order?

    2. Hi Ramon, the stroopwafels are now for approval of the Philippine Food and Drugs Administration. We are working very hard on getting the stroopwafels here the soonest for the christmas season! We will be very happy to serve you :)

    3. Perfect. Just in time for Christmas.

  2. Hi Ramon, I travelled to the Netherlands last year and I also fall in love with this delicious Dutch treat. I was trying to look if they are selling it here in the Philippines and luckily I came across to a company called Bakery Bakery Asia. They are selling freshly baked Stroopwafels and they can send it all over the Philippines. You can check their website or their FB page for the infos. Hope it helps!


    1. Thank you for this link Bobby. Ive visited the webpage and it got me so excited.