Sunday, February 2, 2014

Naga Endocrine Laboratory: the EndoLab and EndoLogistics

Naga Endocrine Laboratory
the EndoLab / EndoLogistics

We finally closed down the Endolab SM last January 31
after we upgraded it to EndoLx (Endo Logistics).

We consolidated a common reception area at the first floor
of the Plaza Medica, still with a native spa motif,
with a very minimal hint that it is a medical facility.

The original Endolab is located at the east wing
of the building, with similar theme at the lobby,

...while we failed to open the EndoLogistics (EndoLx) at the
west wing on time due to the delay on the interior design and
equipment installation as we would start on digitalization,

...the unfinished design of our 

new facility looks very promising.

Watch out for the opening of the very first
Endocrine Logistics facility in Naga City.

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  1. Good luck on your new office space.

  2. Salamat.

    We need that, as the site would still be inspected by the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute for clearance. We already complied with the additional 3 meters being asked from us in SM City Naga (where there was no room for expansion).

    dong the interiors for a medical facility to make it look like a "hotel'" is challenging and my wife and her contractor are doing a very goodjob.

  3. hi do you have cellphone number so we can inquire on your office? I don't have telephone. Thank you