Monday, February 24, 2014

Chef Doy's; Naga City’s Culinary Gem

Chef Doy’s Restaurant 
Naga City’s Culinary Gem 

Chef Doy’s was fully booked on the evening we
dined so we decided to use its al fresco section.

Culinary Genius, that’s how I see Chef Doy on
how he re- invents his traditional Filipino dishes
into a more exciting and tastier new fusion recipe.

Some of the extraordinary fusion dishes that
he created that we have tried in the past are; 
two classic Pinoy favorites of KareKare but he
used a perfectly fried pork rib instead of oxtail,

…and Sinanglay na Tilapia using Malunggay 
instead of Pechay leaves that we have gotten used to.

This time it was no different- as we started our dinner
with another fusion dish which I consider a brilliant
work of a genius- Tinolang Manok at Melon.

Who would ever thought that sweet ripe cantaloupes
would blend well with the Chicken Tinola as we have
already gotten used of utilizing papaya for this dish?

The ripe melon provides a sweetish contrast
to the tangy sili leaves and it also gives the dish  
a delightfully sweet candy- like aroma.

We never fail order Batangbatang Pusit whenever
we dine in this restaurant, which is listed as an
appetizer in the menu but we always consider this
dish as a main viand as it is best eaten with rice.

It was our first time to try Crispy Tadyang 
which was also meant as an appetizer but we
decided to make it  a part of the main meal as
the perfectly fried beef ribs were very crispy on
the outside as it looked even burnt but surprisingly
very tender very moist and very tasty in the inside
and just like the pusit, it goes well with rice as well.

We also had Gising- gising that looked and
tasted like Chopsuey. I didn’t see any difference
except that (call me biased) this was done by a
pro- chef, then, it is a notch above the rest.

The Chef Doy’s Bistek Tagalog tasted very good
and was very tender as it was made of braised beef
and cooked just with the right amount of soy sauce,
and not as salty as the contemporary Pinoy bistek.

My wife who loves menudo spotted Menudo ni Doy,
their new offering in the menu so we ordered one.
Menudo is an iconic Pinoy dish and popular fiesta fare
and regular carenderia item all over the Philippines.

The Chef Doy’s version, just like it’s regular counterparts
is made of braised pork, liver, carrots, potatoes and raisins.
But the difference is in the sauce that is made of thick  tomato
sauce that is not as irritatingly sweet, as most Pinoy menudos,
as you could still savor the rich tomato taste (not the lousy
ketchup like sauce of most regular menudos) and made crunchy
and chewy  by the bits and pieces of crispy fried rice noodles.

While we were dining, we were informed by the waiter that we
could get the Menudo ni Doy for free if we use a BPI credit card.

So we used our BPI credit card to pay, but since we gobbled
up the Menudo that was served to us up to the last piece, we
had another addicting Menudo ni Doy wrapped up- for free. 

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