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Holiday Inn Makati: Luxury on a Budget

Holiday Inn Makati 
Luxury on a Budget 

We were on our way for a week long vacation to Jakarta
and our PAL flight from Naga City to Manila was at 9 AM,
while our Manila to Jakarta connecting flight at about 7 PM.

Since we didn’t want to get stuck in the
world’s worst airport  for 10 hours we
decided to check in  at Holiday Inn, Makati.

It was our first time to stay in this brand new hotel
and were surprised that unlike most Holiday Inn hotels
anywhere else in the world, this one had an upscale look.

It had a posh and modernist well lighted lobby,


...a friendly front desk staff and we
were able to check- in smoothly,

...and we were in our room in a jiffy. 

The  Standard Guest Room

Since we would not be staying overnight, we
 stayed in one their standard guest room just to while
away the 10 hours lay over for our next flight.

The room was spacious compared to most
hotel rooms of the same level and standard.

It had two single beds but big enough
to sleep two persons per bed,

...and provided with both 
firm and soft pillows.


It had a comfy lounge 
chair by the bedside,


.... a well stocked mini bar,


...and a working/study table by the TV,
provided with all sorts of electrical outlets.


The room had panoramic windows offering 
a spectacular view of the Makati skyline.


A huge flat screen TV,

The closet was spacious and provided us
with amaneities that would make us feel
at home, safe and comfortable.

The bathroom was beautiful and spacious,


...and provided with 
luxurious toiletries.


The room had three land line phones,
 one on the working table,


...another by the beside


...and on the toilet.


It also had a fast and free WiFi  internet, 
So connectivity to the outside
 world was not a problem.

Suite Room

When we returned from Jakarta,  we stayed in
one of their One Bedroom Suites  as we would be
staying overnight in Manila as our next flight
to Naga City would still be on the next day.

Just like a week earlier, check in was a breeze
and interestingly, the front desk, the guards
the ushers and usherettes remembered us and
even knew our names and welcomed us back.

We were in our room in fast and swift.

The Suite Room was very spacious.

It had a vanity area at the entrance foyer,

…and had a large living room area
with huge comfortable sofa that
could double as an extra bed.

It had 40” flat screen LCD TV,
equipped with DVD/VCD player.

It  also had a big dining room
with a round dining table for four,

...that doubles as a study table
for the kids doing their homework.

It has a fully equipped kitchen,

...complete utensils,

…and well stocked mini bar.

The living room had panoramic windows that
offer a magnificent  view of the Makati skyline.

The bedroom was also very spacious,

…and had a huge king size bed where
the whole family could fit in.

Just like on their regular guest rooms,
it also had soft and firm pillows,

...and a snugly, comfortable
lounge chair by the bedside.

The bedroom had a large and well -equipped  working desk,
and provided with all kinds and all types of electrical outlets.

…a 40” wide flat screen LCD TV,

…a spacious closet,

…and a very huge and luxurious bathroom,

...with lavish supplies of toiletries.

And just like in the living room, there
was a panoramic windows that offers
a sweeping view of the Makati skyline.///

Connectivity is not a problem as it has
 a free fast Wi Fi internet service,

…and were four land- line phones,
one in the living room by the TV,

…two phones in the bedroom,
one on the bedside,

…one the working table,

…and another one in the bathroom.


The hotel is located right at the heart  
of the posh Glorietta Mall,

…so there is really a lot of places to visit and
very close to so many dining destinations.

Since we stayed in the hotel really just to rest
while waiting for our connecting flights,
we weren’t; able to go around much.


Holiday Inn has a beautiful 
and scenic roof top pool.


The kids were yearning to swim but
we really didn’t have time as we have
connecting flights to catch.

It also had a well equipped gym which
I was not able to use due to pour very l
limited time that we stayed in the hotel.

In Room Dining  

We arrived past lunchtime  during our  first stay in
 the hotel on our way to Jakarta. We were all starving
 as we hadn’t eaten  anything when we left Bicol-
so we ordered for an in room dining

There was a superb menu on
Holiday Inn’s in room dining ,

…and I particularly loved the gigantic burger that 
came  with a big slab of well done pure beef patty, 
generous toppings bacon strips and fried egg.


It was so delicious that I gobbled it up
with gusto with all the savory  juices
trickling on my hands down to my arms
and elbows finally dripping on the table.


It was untidy and messy to eat but who cares?
The burger was just so  damn good that I
didn’t  mind the mess and the clutter at all . 

Flavors Restaurant 

We had a late afternoon dinner at the Flavors Restaurant,
before checking out of the hotel to catch our flight to Jakarta.


I settled for a bowl of piping 
hot Udon Noodle Soup,

…while the rest of my family shared
the  delicious herbed US Tenderloin beef.


It was dinner time when we arrived from
Jakarta  a week later and just  in time for
dinner buffet at the Flavors Restaurant.

It had a glorious spread of international  dishes,

…and  we were delighted to see
a whole lechon on the buffet table.

It is such a joy to feast on Pinoy food,

…including a glass full of halo- halo after
gorging ourselves on Indonesian food
during our week long stay in Jakarta.


Executive Lounge

Our Suite Room stay came with a privilege of
a buffet breakfast at the Executive Lounge.

The service here more personal,

…the place was more exclusive,

…and it was less crowded here compared to
the Flavors Restaurant’s breakfast buffet.

The OZ Bar

The hotel has a hip bar at the rooftop called
 the OZ , that serves as a poolside restaurant,

...and as a restobar  for those wanting
to hang out  and relax at night.


Holiday Inn Makati is a wonderful luxurious hotel, but
very affordable and  centrally located in Makati CBD,

…it has the looks and features
of a posh  five star hotel,

…but with reasonably priced rates
comparable to a regular budget hotel.


  1. I found this is an informative and interesting post so i think so it is very useful and knowledgeable.

    1. Thank you for reading and visiting my blog.

      I try to do my best to review a hotel in all aspects in accordance to the stay, stray, play and feast pattern.

      Please do read more of my other hotel reviews and I hope you'll find them helpful as well.

  2. sayang wasn't able to check this out when we went in Makati! we rented a condo we found at airbnb instead.. but next time, ill check this place out in our next family reunion in the city.. thank you

    1. Thank you for this comment and thank you for visiting and reading my blog.