Friday, February 14, 2014

Holy & Heavenly Miracle Turon; The Most Delicious Turon in the Philippines

Holy and Heavenly Miracle Turon 
The Most Delicious Turon in the Philippines

I know Naguenos would be disappointed as 
the most delicious Banana Turon in this part
of the world is not commercially available.

I am fortunate, that I get to taste this yummy
dish courtesy of the kindly and good hearted 
nuns  of the Carmelite  Monastery in Naga City.

I got a visit again from one of the Carmelite Sisters 
who brought me an “bilao” full of Banana Turon.

I was profusely thanking her for the precious gift
and she gamely posed for a photo when I told her
that I would do a blog of their glorious tasting snacks.

The Carmelite Turon comes smaller than
the commercially available counterparts,


…as it uses only half of the ripe banana
wrapped in the traditional lumpia wrapper,
topped with tangy caramelized sugar.


While ripe “Langka” (or Nagka) is most common  flavor
of most Banana Turons, the Carmelite Turon  had a tangy 
and citrus aftertaste  that comes from  their convent’s
secret formula- the right concoction of ripe oranges.

Unlike langka that does nothing but to increase
the turon’s  level of sweetness, the orange only 
enhances the flavor and does not overwhelm.

What you savor is still the real taste of ripe banana 
 with a sharp, savory after taste. Unlike Langka where
you see the fruit sandwiched in between  the bananas   
and feel the fibers in you mouth while you eat,

… you do not see any bits and pieces
of the oranges in the turon, but just like
a miracle- you can taste it and fills your
senses with its tangerine goodness.


 ”Faith is a belief in something that you do not see.”
according to a Bible verse (Hebrews 11:1), 
and that’s exactly what you feel  when you sink
your  teeth into the perfectly fried Carmelite Turon…

- it gives you the taste of heaven. It's a Miracle! 
For being one of the privileged few to have
tasted this heavenly turon, all I can say is
indeed, God is good and I am blessed.

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