Saturday, June 29, 2019

Wolfgang Puck: Juicy Western Steaks in China (Shanghai Disneyland Series 9)

Wolfgang Puck 
Juicy Western Steaks in China
Shanghai Disneyland Series 9

Wolfgang Puck is one of our favorite restaurant 
and we always take the chance of dining in this
wonderful steak house whenever we see one.


We saw one in DisneyTown Shanghai,

…so we decided to dine there.


This classic, tender, well-flavored, and juicy 
WF All American Burger is so crave worthy
that we always order it whenever we dine at
any Wolfgang Puck Restaurant. This moist
delicious burger is a culinary masterpiece.


The tasty Roasted Sea Bass is another family favorite.
The perfectly grilled fish was served lying in a bed of
spinach gremolata spiced with garlic and roasted lemon.



Of course, we never miss the Grilled Rib Eye Steak.
a thick-cut, perfectly cooked bone-in rib eye steak
slathered with rich, flavorful, sweetish- tangy sauce.


Again, this family dinner at Wolfgang Puck      
in DisneyTown Shanghai did not disappoint,


It was a perfect culinary conclusion to
our two weeks Shanghai family vacation,

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Tribal Table: Disney’s Jungle Style Dining (Shanghai Disneyland Series 8)

The Tribal Table 
Disney’s Jungle Style Dining
Shanghai Disneyland Series 8 

Located at the Adventure Isle Zone,


The Tribal Table gives guests the chance
to dine  Jungle style Shanghai Disneyland.



It was easy t choose a menu for a family of 4 like us, since 
the Tribal Feast Combo Meal  was meant for 4 persons.


It came as 2 huge platters-



…of  tasty barbecued Tribal Turkey Leg 


Roasted Chicken with Latin Flavor,


…Mickey- shaped-Hash Brown,


Corn in a Cob,  lying is a bed 
of Sautéed String Beans,


…and came 4 bowls of Rice.


It was a full and hearty meal.


Just like our experience at The Barn a day earlier’ Disney
dining has lately became an awesome culinary experience
when the company opened Flavor Lab,  in WDW Orlando
dedicated to food  research and development for its parks.

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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Shanghai Disney’s Magical Parade:Mulan Takes the Lead (Shanghai Disneyland Series 7)

Shanghai Disney’s Magical Parade 
Mulan Takes the Lead
Shanghai Disneyland Series 7 

The Magical Parade is probably what defines Disneyland - ‘
The Happiest Place on Earth’   and nothing could make one
 happier than watching this theme park’s street extravaganza.


We were able to catch the parade
on our first day in Shanghai Disney,


…but we were positioned way back the humongous crowd-
so we decided to leave and just watched it the next day.


We arrived at the park just in time
as the parade was about to begin,


…and we secured a roadside spot
eight at the end of Mickey Avenue,


…right in- front of the Gardens of Imagination.

The Shanghai Disney’s Magical Parade
began with a vintage car carrying the VIP
guests, usually the fist to arrived for the day.


It was followed Goofy and Pluto,


Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck,


…who mingled with the crowd,



…and danced with the vibrant street dancers.



Dumbo topped Mickey's Storybook Express Train with
 Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck on board came next-

…followed by the Snowhite- less Seven Dwarves.




Then came the Toy Story characters,




…in a humongous futuristic float.

It was followed with the medieval 
designed float of Tangled-


...with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider aboard.



The vibrant Finding Nemo float was an eye candy,



…with all the colorful sea creature- costumed
vivacious dancers prancing and dancing around.



The ethereal Frozen float came next,

…with sisters Anna and Elsa drawing
shrieks from the excited roadside crowd.


It was followed by the humongous
Marshmallow the Ice Monster.

Mulan float was preceded by a medieval Chinese Army
 marching in an almost  perfectly choreographed unison.

It was a sight to behold.


Then came the gigantic float with Mulan
astride a huge vegetarian- bodied horse.


It is probably the most elaborate  float on this Didney parade  as it was 
filled  with numerous intricate symbolic Chinese figures  on the float.


The last one was a Genie topped float,



…carrying assorted Disney characters,


either riding the float,


…or interacting with the roadside audience.


Without the popular and traditional Disney Princesses
like Cinderella, Snowihite and Belle in the parade,

…and the emphasis on the more massive oriental float, it