Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The Barn: Disney’s Farm Style Dining (Shanghai Disneyland Series 6)

The Barn
Disney’s Farm Style Dining
Shanghai Disneyland Series1 

Theme parks are not usually known as ‘foodie’ destinationin the past. 
As all they had were captive costumers who had been in the park all  
day, willing to eat anything available to prevent that afternoon crash.


These days however. more people are becoming self-proclaimed
 ‘foodies’ and are expecting a higher level of culinary excellence  
 wherever they go, so Disney opened a new Flavor Lab, in WDW 
Orlando dedicated to food  research and development for its parks.


We had our lunch at The Barn, a farm
themed restaurant at the Fantasyland,


…that offer farm style cuisine on the  menu.


Nothing beats the Wok Fried Australian Beef
as it tasted so good. Tender bite size pieces of
fried prime lean beef  with various fresh veggies
in a mound of steamed white rice make a very
flavorful,  healthy, and satisfying family meal. 

The same thing is true with the Tangled Secret Chicken Rice.
Two generous slabs of chicken breasts combined with various
stir- fried fresh vegetables makes a tasty and filling lunch as well.

Of course, no meal is complete for my family
without Fish and Chips and this very delicious
Disney version is comparable or even better than
the famous Bondi Beach fish and chips in Sidney. 

Disney dining anywhere in the world has lately
became an awesome culinary experience and
the food at The Barn was of no exemption.

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