Saturday, June 8, 2019

Xin Wang Restaurant: Chinese Food Galore (Shanghai Disneyland Series 3)

Xin Wang Restaurant
Chinese Food Galore
Shanghai Disneyland Series 
Xinwang is a popular Chinese restaurant chain,

…known for its “cha chaan teng” menu.


...we were happy to see a branch Disneytown 
and we  decided in unison to dine here


As a typical tea restaurant the menu comprises
mostly Hong Kong’s  greasy spoon staples –

…and we ordered Stir Fried Rice Noodles, an all time
favorite. This dish brings out delicious memories of my
childhood as we always order ‘pancit with beef’ whenever  
we dine in a Chinese restaurant any in the Philippines.
This one is the best version I have tasted in my lifetime.


The Steamed Towel Gourd with Minced Garlic
was hake and hearty yet very tasty. The refreshing
tasteof the chewy towel gourd blended naturally well
with the minced garlic. It was invigoratingly delicious..


The centerpiece of any Chinese meal the Roasted Duck.
This roast duck was beautifully done, has tender and juicy
meat, perfectly roasted crispy skin. It has a delightfully
sweetish taste, that one would not need a dipping sauce
to enjoy it. It seemed to have been marinated with what
we believe as  honey-balsamic mixture. It was addicting.


The Ice cold Mocha Latte was perfectly blended,


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