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Novotel Hotel Clover: Friendly Disney Neighborhood Hotel (Shanghai Disneyland Series 1)

Novotel Hotel Clover
Friendly Disney Neighborhood Hotel
Shanghai Disneyland Series 1

We arrived in Novotel Hotel Clover in Pudong
after an hour taxi ride from Oakwood Shanghai.

..and one thing that struck us is the massive
automatic wooden wall-  like door as an entrance,


…that leads to a huge windowless portal,



…but with a transparent glass cased porthole
at the base serving a a natural source of light.

The hotel lobby was cavernous.

It was breathtakingly beautiful,


…with a modernized classic design.




We were happy that there was no queue upon 
check- in,as there were about more than ten
registration counters to serve their guests.


My family was directed the lounge and were offered
 cocktails and snacks, while I was checking us in.

It was a breeze,and we were immediately
 on our way, to our room at the 9th floor.


This would be our home for the next four days
in Pudong, while visiting Shanghai Disneyland.  


Our suite was a Family Studio that I booked at,
which I specified of having three adults and one child as guests.

It was a spacious, compact, well designed suite 
room with two very comfortable queen beds. 


It had a living room at the rear end of the room and had
a huge comfortable sofa that could serve as an extra bed.


Just beside the living room is a pink tent that could still
be used by families traveling with little kids to sleep.


It had a round working table that could
also be used as a reading and study area.



The room a huge flat screen TV, and fortunately
had  CNN Philippines on their channel list and
we were happy to watch TV on our own language.

The closet was spacious and had 
ironing board, digital electronic safe,


…and other amenities to make guests
more comfortable and feel at home.


I had a kettle for a coffee maker at the minibar,


…a small but well stocked refrigerator.


It had a beautiful and spacious modern toilet,

…provided with luxurious amenities,

….and sufficient signature toiletries.



It had a nice shower area
and did not have a bathtub.

A room had two landline phones-
the first one at the bedside,


...the second one  in the toilet.

We were very happy with the very fast
and complimentary Wi Fi connection.


The Novotel Hotel Cloveris located in Pudong,
and ideal transit hotel as it is close to the airport.

…with Shanghai Disneyland as a next door neighbor.


It offers an hourly shuttle both to Disneyland
and to the Pudong International Airport for free.


Novotel Hotel Clover had a resort like amenities,
beautiful outdoor swimming pool, and a whirlpool,

  Source LINK

They also have a well equipped Gym,

  Source LINK

… a beautiful playroom for toddlers,



…and a modern electronic game arcade.




Food Exchange

Breakfast Buffet is being served at Food Exchange,

A modern and well designed restaurant,



…inspired by the by eclectic local Chinese food market.


It serves a wide array of local an international cuisine,


…in their massive buffet,


…day and night.

Self Service Convenience Store

The hotel has a section on the lobby,
dedicated to numerous vendos,

...ready to dispense instant noodles,


....sandwiches,chips, drinks,

...and various ready to eat food.


Novotel Hotel Clover is a wonderful and affordable Disney
 neighborhood hotel and ideal for families traveling on a 
budget, wanting to have a holiday in Disneyland Shanghai.

It is located at the Pudong Shangai, and offers a free hourly
 shuttle  both to Disneyland and Pudong International Airport

They have spacious and modern suite
rooms with very comfortable beds  


…topnotch and luxurious amenities

…and offers a massive spread at breakfast buffet.


Novotel Hotel Clover is a modernhotel that offers comfortable
 rooms, resort like amenities, without having to spend a fortune.

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