Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Gastroville’s Vietnamese Dishes

Gastroville’s Vietnamese Dishes 

Naga City is bereft of  Vietnamese restaurants
and we were happy to discover that Gastroville
in Vista Mall  is offering Vietnamese dishes.

The Phở  was so flavorful, and reeking with the delightful
fragrance of spices like star anise, a hint of cinnamon and
of cardamom. The broth was very tasty and had perfectly
cooked rice noodles, various herbs and tender cuts of beef .

The delicious Banh Mi Sandwich was loaded with lots of
fresh vegetables, tasty grilled meat and piled up high on a
French baguette baked fresh from the nearby Bake My Day.

I loved the Gỏi cuốn or the Fresh Vietnamese Spring Roll
The cold roll had chewy rice vermicelli, tasty and tender
chicken, fresh veggies wrapped in bánh tráng commonly
or rice paper. It was so good we ordered another serving.

If you’ve never tried a Gastroville’s 
Vietnamese dishes, It’s time. 


They got the perfect signature scent and feel of
 Vietnamese cuisine- all delicious and crave worthy.

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