Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Cza Che Tei: Turning Japanese at M Plaza

Cza Che Tei 
Turning Japanese at M Plaza 

There was a time when we had a late night craving for
Japanese dishes and we stumbled upon Cza Che Tei
that was still open near midnight at M Plaza Food Park.


The restaurant was teeming with people and luckily
we still found a vacant table inside the restaurant.


Service was fast, and when they served the Shrimp Tempura
we stared at the dish with disappointment. It appeared like it
was ran over flat by a car, it was dark colored like they used
a recycled cooking oil  in frying and looked overcooked. It
was supposed to be our appetizer but didn’t look appetizing.


But our initial disappointment for the horrible looking tempura
disappeared when they served a boatful of 9 Kinds of Sashimi.
All our favorite sashimis are there. Salmon (Sake), Squid (Ika),
Shrimp (Ebi), Tuna (Maguro) Mackerel (Saba), Octopus (Tako),
Yellowtail (Hamachi), Crab (Kani) and Egg Roll (Tamagoyaki). It.
 was a Japanese culinary feast for the senses and of the taste buds.

The same excitement swept over us when the beautifully
crafted 9 Kinds of Maki was served. It had everything we
have craved for. Maguro, Ika, Sake, Tamagoyaki, Ebi, Kani,
Tekkamaki, Kappa Maki and Saba. Just like the Sashimi boat,
everything was fresh, delicious and we could  never get enough.


Cza Che Tei serves excellent Sushi and Sashimi is located in 
a food park that gets overcrowded  and noisy specially at night, 


The chaos does not guarantee guests with a relaxed and peaceful
 dining atmosphere, the way every Japanese restaurant should have.

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