Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Best Cheese Pizza in Naga City

The Best Cheese Pizza 
in Naga City

My family is a Cheese Pizza fanatic.
Nothing beats a pizza with nothing on it-
but the goodness and creaminess of cheese.

So we compared the  6 popular Pizza joints
In Naga City that offer Cheese Pizza in their menu.

The  6 Pizza Restaurants

Included in the review the cheese pizzas
were three our favorite  Pizza restaurants in the city
and my family’s favorite dining places:

Yellow Cab

...Pizza Hut

and Carlo’s Pizza.

Also included are the cheese pizzas
from our least favorite Pizza parlors
like Shakey’s because of its too salty dishes,

…and Greenwich which ironically
is to total opposite of Shakey’s;
horribly sweet pizza and pasta   
tasting like they were bathed in ketchup.

I included our favorite  Italian Restaurant
Grissini Ristorante,  which is not a Pizza Parlor
but  serves  good Italian pizza as well

The Verdict

Surprisingly two of our favorite Pizza restaurants
like Pizza Hut and Yellow Cab Cheese Pizzas
 belonged to the bottom three
 together  with (not a surprise at all)- Shakey’s.

6th Best Cheese Pizza
Shakey’s Classic Cheese Pizza

Shakey’s Classic Cheese Pizza 
Comes in a perfectly baked  thin crust dough
and  I would rate it # 1 on my list
on the best thin crust pizza category.

But this is about the best cheese pizza in town
and it comes just too salty for me.-  so it was easy
to delegate it on 6th position in this taste test.
I found a hard time choosing which is better
between Pizza Hut or Yellow Cab Cheese Pizzas
as these two restaurants are always on top of our list
when it comes to our family’s  dining options.


5th Best Cheese Pizza
Yellow Cab’s Cheese Pizza

The beautiful Yellow Cab’s Cheese Pizza
boasts double layer of mozzarella cheese
perfectly oven scorched.

If this blog is about the search for the 
most  good looking pizza- then, Yellow cab 
woud win in this category easily.

.But we came to realize that this cheese pizza
is only a notch higher that Shakey’s
as it also a little bit salty, albeit more cheesier.
so  I would put it on the 5th position


4th Best Cheese Pizza
Pizza  Hut's  3- Cheese Pizza

We tried Pizza Hut’s 3 Cheese Pizza
both available in Thin Crust and Pan Pizza
and surprisingly the latter was still crunchy
and the pizza was bursting with the wonderful
flavors of Parmesan, Cheddar and Mozzarella
a combination good old cheeses.

Ordering a pan pizza with Parmesan Cheesy Crust
is an plus factor that only Pizza Hut offers.


Top 3 Best Cheese Pizzas 

Included in  the top 3 Cheese Pizzas are
Greenwich, Carlo’s Pizza and Grissini’s.

I have expected Carlo’s Pizza and Grissini
to be on top of my list as they were
on our favorite list of dining places  in Naga City 
but Greenwich came as a surprise
as we really never really liked
their sweetish Pizza and Jollibee-like menu.

3rd Best Cheese Pizza
Greenwich 7 Cheese Pizza Overload

Greenwich may not be on my favorite list
but who could say no to their cheesy extravagance?
Cheese lovers- eat your hearts out-
imagine being pampered with 7 types of cheeses in one pizza!

Mozzarella, Cheddar, Edam, Parmesan
Cream Cheese, Blue Cheese
and apparently Special Cheese.
Whatever the latter means they all perfectly blended
 in a supermarket quality, ready to cook- like  dough.

But who cares about the imperfect dough?
A pizza is bursting with thick layer
of 7 kinds cheeses is nothing but irresistible.


It was difficult to choose
between Grissini’s and Carlo’s Pizza.
for the  # 1 and # 2 slots
for Naga City’s Best Cheese Pizza.

Both their cheese pizzas are called
 “Quatrro Formaggi”
and both have the same cheese contents:
Blue Cheese, Parmesan, Mozzarella and Cheddar.

2nd Best Cheese Pizza
Carlo’s Pizza’s Quatrro Formaggi

Carlo’s Pizza had the same cheese content
and the taste are almost identical with Grissini’s.

I wanted to have a head on taste test between the two
but Carlo’s Pizza had closed down
so I’m putting it on number 2 by default
It’s still available in Metro Manila
but not in Naga anymore.


The Best Cheese Pizza in Naga City
Grissini Ristorante’s  Quatrro Formaggi

The best Cheese Pizza therefore goes to Grissini-

The four cheeses perfectly blended well
with a splendid pungent aftertaste of Blue Cheese
lingering at the back of your tongue
making you crave for more,

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shakey’s New Shrimp Poppers

Shakey’s New Shrimp Poppers
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Shakey ‘s may not be on our top dining destination list,
but it always have something new to offer in their menu-
giving  us a reason to visit the restaurant again.

This time it’s the new appetizer called Shrimp Poppers.

It is  made of medium sized shrimps dipped in a batter
fried a like a tempura to a crispy perfection.
It is served together with Belgian Fries and a tangy tartar sauce.
It has a lip-smacking goodness that I would advise
doubling your order as everyone would be craving for more.

I decided to order my favorite Chef’s salad as another starter
as I may end gobbling up all the Shrimp Poppers on the table
meant for the whole family.

Shakey's has excellent choices for soups 
like the creamy Mushroom soup,

...or the chunky Italian Soup .
Just request the to tone down the salt
and everything would be perfect. 

Then came the Shakey’s  All time favorites like
the Chick ‘n Chips fried with only half of the breading
as we find their original recipe too salty.

A platter of delicious Shakey’s Pasta Alfredo
which we also asked to taper down the salt,
a huge serving meant to be shared for everyone.

The perfectly  baked Macaroni oozing
with melted mozzarella cheese on top,
which my daughter ordered all for herself.

And of course our favorite Classic Cheese Pizza
in a thin crust dough baked to a crunchy perfection.

Indeed, Shakey’s is a family friendly  
and budget friendly restaurant,

...and has been shakin’ up Filipino pizza lovers-
giving them  something new to crave for
by regularly offering a tempting new  dish .


Friday, February 22, 2013

Classic Savory, SM City Naga: Dining by Chance

Classic Savory, SM City Naga
Dining by Chance

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It is always by chance that we get to dine
at the Classic Savory in SM City Naga…

as it is most of the time full of diners
so whenever we see a vacant table, we always
grab the chance to dine at the said restaurant.

We had one of the rare chances on weekend
that we get to dine at the good old Classic Savory…

We started our dinner with our favorite comfort food,
their original fresh tasting Wanton Soup.
It had the right level of saltiness and you could taste
a hint of sesame oil at the back of you mouth.

…a platter of the tangy
Savory Fried Rice.

Of course the delicious and flavorful
Classic Savory Fried Chicken,

The Stuffed Shrimp was so good
and potentially addicting
so I would advise to double their orders
if dining with the whole family.

A unique fusion cuisine
is Kangkong (Swamp Cabbage)
topped with what I believe is breaded pork
bathed in rich, tasty sauce
which I think is  made of gata (coconut milk)

A revelation for us
is the Classic Savory’s version
of the sinful  Pata Tim-
a chunk of Pork Knuckles
cooked to perfection that the meat
would literally melt in your mouth.

A downside in dining in  Classic Savory
in SM City Naga is the noisy ambiance
bracing from the raucous to chaotic .

My wife kept on swearing not to return
to the restaurant anymore because
of the nerve-racking and grueling  ambiance,
“It’s not relaxing to dine here” she would say,

…but  we kept on coming back
 whenever we get a chance to do so
because of the delicious and classic food
that only Classic Savory could offer.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Trader's Hotel, Shangri- la Cover up - Revealed

Trader’s Hotel, Manila
Shangri- la Cover up - Revealed

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I have blogged about Traders ‘Hotel in the past
and labelled it as Shangri- la in disguise
as it is really a sister hotel of Shangri- la
sans the more expensive tag price.

Photo credit: Trader's Hotel Manila Webpage:

 We returned to our favourite hotel
for an overnight stop- over in Manila
on our way to Berlin, Germany.

We initially booked for a 1 bedroom suite
but they were fully booked as it was a weekend
and there were a lot of theatre enthusiasts that checked- in
because the was the last few days of staging
the Phantom of the Opera at the nearby CCP.

The best that they can give us was a club room
with a free access to the T Lounge  
at the hotel’s penthouse.

The Club Room.

We arrived late in the afternoon
and checking in was a fast and easy.

We decided have our dinner first
at a buffet at the hotel’s in- house
restaurant- the Latitude,

…before heading to our room
at the 18th floor.

It is always a joy to stay 
at the Trader’s Hotel


... since even their standard club rooms
are well-appointed and very spacious

It has a beautiful living room,


…a luxurious bathroom

lavished with posh amenities
and toiletries that Shangri- la is known for.

It also has a working
and reading table,

…a huge LCD TV,

 …free and very fast
Wi- Fi  and broadband
internet connections,

...there are three landline phones
in the room- one each in the bedside
and study table,

…and another one
 in the toilet.

It had panoramic windows
with a beautiful view of
Roxas Boulevard, nightime-

…or daytime

 Despite being a standard sized room
it has a king sized bed
big enough to accommodate all of us.

The Suite Room.

The hotel  had an available Suite room.
when we returned from Europe
about three weeks later.

Glorious! Glorious! Glorious!
What more can we say and ask for?

 After a long trip from Berlin to Prague to Amsterdam-
we needed a room to rest and recharge
for our final trip to Naga City the next day.

I cannot remember how many times
we have been to this room.
This familiarity may be the reason why
we always feel at home whenever
we check in on their one bedroom suite.

The room is enormous –
and greets the guest with a foyer
where the mini bar refrigerator
and coffeemaker are found

 and had a very spacious living room.

…a large study table
with ample office supplies.

…a huge LCD TV,

…and powder room
and its own toilet.


The bedroom is just as huge.

It had a mammoth king sized bed
that could accommodate all of us comfortably,

…another sitting area
with comfy couch,

 …a bedside vanity area,

…a study and working table,

....another huge LCD TV
in the bedroom,

a big bathroom 
with luxurious amenities,


…and a spacious walk in closet,
something you seldom see
 in other hotel rooms-

...but in Trader's Hotel this closet was
big enough to be a hotel room.

It had about five telephones
in the room, one each on the two
study tables,

... one each on two toilets.

...another one
at the bedside,

and free and fast Wi Fi and DSL
internet connections.

Most all, it had a magnificent view
of the Manila Bay 

You will never see this kind of suite room
as spacious and luxurious as this
and as affordable.

The Hotel Pool

The hotel pool is located
 at the third level of the hotel.

It is a moderate sized pool
not as elaborate as the resort type
Shagri -la counterpart,
but good enough for a relaxing swim.

The hotel pool, is the one that differentiates
 a real Shangri- la with that of Trader’s Hotel.

While the former have opulent resort pools,
Traders' pool is more of standard design.

Latitude Cafe

The Latitude Café is located near the lobby


It is almost always full of diners
especially during peak hours 

...and offers wide array of all day
 international buffet  at affordable price.

T Lounge

T Lounge at the penthouse is open for guests
 staying in the Hotel Suites and Club Rooms.

It is a good place to have breakfast
in a more quiet and private setting
as compared to the overcrowded Latitude.

It has panoramic window
 and offers a magnificent view
of Roxas Boulevard,

…and of the picturesque
Manila Bay.

In Room Dining

The hotel offers wide array
of local and international cuisine
for their in room dining.


For weary travelers,
this is a good alternative, you can dine in comfort inside
the hotels spacious rooms and suites.

...and still enjoy good food in privacy
of a full restaurant service.

Traders Hotel is a great
 inexpensive hotel 


...with the Shangri- la’s fabulous brand of service
but reasonable and affordable tariff,


...still, it is Shangri- la in all aspects
except maybe for the pool,
the offical name that is Trader's Hotel
 and of course- the price.