Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shakey’s New Shrimp Poppers

Shakey’s New Shrimp Poppers
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Shakey ‘s may not be on our top dining destination list,
but it always have something new to offer in their menu-
giving  us a reason to visit the restaurant again.

This time it’s the new appetizer called Shrimp Poppers.

It is  made of medium sized shrimps dipped in a batter
fried a like a tempura to a crispy perfection.
It is served together with Belgian Fries and a tangy tartar sauce.
It has a lip-smacking goodness that I would advise
doubling your order as everyone would be craving for more.

I decided to order my favorite Chef’s salad as another starter
as I may end gobbling up all the Shrimp Poppers on the table
meant for the whole family.

Shakey's has excellent choices for soups 
like the creamy Mushroom soup,

...or the chunky Italian Soup .
Just request the to tone down the salt
and everything would be perfect. 

Then came the Shakey’s  All time favorites like
the Chick ‘n Chips fried with only half of the breading
as we find their original recipe too salty.

A platter of delicious Shakey’s Pasta Alfredo
which we also asked to taper down the salt,
a huge serving meant to be shared for everyone.

The perfectly  baked Macaroni oozing
with melted mozzarella cheese on top,
which my daughter ordered all for herself.

And of course our favorite Classic Cheese Pizza
in a thin crust dough baked to a crunchy perfection.

Indeed, Shakey’s is a family friendly  
and budget friendly restaurant,

...and has been shakin’ up Filipino pizza lovers-
giving them  something new to crave for
by regularly offering a tempting new  dish .


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