Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hot ‘Tsokolate – eh’ with bits and pieces of almonds.

The Weekend Chef

 ‘Tsokolate – eh’
with bits and pieces of almonds.

Padre Salvi of Jose Rizal’s Noli Mi Tangere
would say Tsokolate- eh’ (eh for especial)
as a cue to his servants
to serve, rich, thick hot chocolate drinks
for guests of important social status
like the’Insulares’ and ‘Peninsulares’

But for less important people like
Filipino natives or ‘Indios’
he would say ‘Tsokolate- ah’ (ah- for aguado)
 or watered version  in English.


I cook whatever is available in our pantry
and when I found out
that our Choco Almond was expiring
I knew exactly what to do-

Prepare a ‘Tsokolate- eh’‘ that could make
 Padre Salvi turn over his grave with envy.

Four assorted  chocolate concoctions
to satisfy the ‘–eh’
that Padre Salvi’s version would
appear like a ‘Tsokolate- ah’


Boil the Chocolate ‘Tablea’
until everything melts…

Puree the Choco Almonds
in the food processor.

Mix the pureed Choco almond
with the bioling hot ‘tablea’.

Sweeten with
Coco Sugar…

Thicken with
Choco Syrup

Serve with unsweetened
cocoa powder topping

...and enjoy the hot authentic
Tsokolate- eh’
with chewy bits and pieces of almonds.

That's Tsokolate- eh, eh, eh,eh'
Padre Salvi- eat your heart out-
says in ‘Indio’ in me.

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