Monday, February 11, 2013

Jollibee Lucena: Tidy South Road Meal Stop

Jollibee Lucena Diversion
Tidy South Road Meal Stop

During our South Road trip to Manila
our initial plan was to have lunch at the popular
seaside seafood restaurants in Gumaca.

...but we were disappointed to discover that
these restaurant row was nothing but a confluence
of dilapidated ramshackle buildings
where pre cooked meals are displayed on glass counters
right in front of a very dusty and busy national highway.

So off we went to look for a restaurant
that would offer fast and tasty food
with better sanitary standards.

When we reached Lucena and saw the Jollibee in diversion-
we knew we found our major meal stop for the day.

It was almost three o’clock-
we were all weary and starving
we so all ordered Macaroni Soup as a starter.

It was too salty and except for Totoy, our driver
we all ended up not touching the food at all.

I got myself a  burger- my comfort food.

The best that Jollibee could offer was the Champ.
There is really nothing to rave about this burger.
 It had too much mayonnaise,
too sweet and too messy to eat. 

My wife ordered a Yumburger with TLC
and also found it soggy and too sweet.
Nothing really to get excited about.

We ordered a Chicken Joy for my son
but he seemed joyless with the dish.
We had to coax him to eat and finish his meal.

My daughter did not eat anything
and ordered only a strawberry float.

She said it was very good and it got me curious
and I ended ordering one for myself too.

While everyone in my family wasn’t really impressed
with what Jollibee  has to offer-
our driver Totoy gobbled up every bits and pieces
of the  Pork Tender that he ordered.
Jollibee is his favorite restaurant-  he said
as he ate his food with gusto.

The Jollibee Chocolate Sundae
was coarser and less smoother
that it tasted like an ordinary ice cream

Their yummy French fries
saved us from what is supposed
to be a disappointing  meal 

..and the glorious Peach Mango Pie
which tasted like a glamorous version of turon.

This dish is to die for-
and just for this delicious dessert,
it is worth coming back again to Jollibee.

Despite the unexciting food,
Jollibee is a great meal stop .

It is air- conditioned and a comfortable oasis
to the weary south road traveler,

…best of all it comes with
 clean and tidy toilets.

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