Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pares King Best South Road Meal Stop

Pares King
Best South Road Meal Stop

On our way back from Manila to Naga
during our South Road trip by car
we were determined to have our lunch
at the Pares King in Sta. Elena, Camarines Norte.

We left Manila at 9 AM and we arrived at about 3 PM
at the restaurant, hungry exhausted and weary.


Pares King is a popular budget restaurant
in Legazpi City in Albay and we never had a chance
to dine there in the past

I have always been intrigued by the sign that says
Open almost 24 hours (with a crossed out almost word)
and I intend to ask the restaurant manager 
what the signage means.

One thing we noted in this restaurant
is their spotlessly clean toilet
and believe it or not-  ample toiletries.

It wasn’t air- conditioned
but the restaurant is airy
very clean and very comfortable.

The interior was simple and straightforward
and they encourage the diners  to post their calling cards  
on the posts and on the walls.

It had a pasalubong section …

…and another store that offers street food
like fishballs and palamig.,
both located in a separate building.

They offer two sets of menu:
A turo- turo for those who are in a hurry

...and the freshly cooked
Lutong Bahay menu..

They initially served us
complimentary soup
which tasted very good.

I ordered Arroz Caldo with egg
and it tasted so natural and it was one of the
best versions I’ve tasted in my life.

We were curious with the Pochero
and I remember my mom cooking the same dish
in my childhood and we ordered one.

And just like the Arroz Caldo
the taste was 100 % home cooked
without any hint of artificial flavoring.

We couldn’t get enough of their soup based dishes.
Despite of the delicious free soup and a Pochero served earlier
we ordered still ordered Sinigang the Baboy.
Just like the other two soup dishes it was so delicious.

My daughter ordered a Fried Chicken
and true enough- it is the kind of chicken
that tasted so good  without anything on it.

My son loved the Fried Tilapia
 plain and simple delicious
tasting tilapia- cooked just as it is.

Totoy , our driver ordered Daing na Bangus.
and swore that it also tasted delicious.

We were so full after the satisfying meal
but we could not resist the temptation
of having the delectable popular Pinoy desserts.
So we ordered their
 great tasting Fruit Salad,

Mais Con Heilo, 

... and their delicious 
Halo- halo.

We couldn’t get enough of the food
that we ordered a bottled Bicol Express to go.

Before we left, we thanked the crew 
for the very good service,
and also told them how we  appreciate them for keeping
a clean and tidy restaurant , 
and having well stocked toiletries
in the toilet.

Most of all we thanked them for giving us
one of the  most delicious meals in our lives.

Pares King in my opinion is the best meal stop at the south road.
It brings back the memories of good old home cooking
You wouldn’t believe you are eating in a restaurant.

We we’re overwhelmed by the great culinary experience
that we forgot to ask what is meant by
‘Open Almost 24- hours’ in the signage.

We'll do that we we return-
next  time in  Legazpi.


  1. Good service...
    Masarap ang pagkain...
    Lalo n ung sinigang na isda na may buko...
    Sana maulit uli n makakain sa inyo...
    God bless to you...
    Pares King...

  2. I agree.

    A restaurant this kind in that long stretch of desolate highway is like a manna from heaven.

  3. musta naman ung pares sa pares king?

    1. Not really very sure if they have a dish called Pares. Did not see any in their menu.I believe Pares was taken from the owner's surname. I'm not sure though.