Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Gastroville: Affordable International Cuisine (VistaMall Naga Series 5)

Affordable International Cuisine
VistaMall Naga Series 5 

Brilliant concept.


That’s the best way to describe Gastroville
at All Day Supermarket in Vista Mall Naga,

These Gastroville Food Stations add to the gastronomic 
diversity in the supermarket- as it gives an ambiance  of 
being in a busy hawker’s street similar to those found  in 
some of the busy public markets abroad like Singapore...


It could also be liken upscale ‘turo- turo, where not only
pre- cooked dishes are displayed in glass encased counters


...but the fresh ingredients or cooking as well,

…so what you get are freshly cooked
delicious dishes  served on your table.

There are two Gastroville Food Stations
in All Day Supermarket at VisaMall  Naga.

The first one serves all 
 time favorite Pinoy dishes,


…all day breakfast, and a  soup station,


The second Gastroville station serves a wide  
 variety of international cuisine, from Mexican, Korean,


…Italian, and Vietnamese dishes..


Just across the second Gastroville is the Deli Section 


...that also offers all- day popular breakfast fares,


…and great tasting Japanese ramens,

Together with the Paluto,


…and Bake My Day,


…Gastroville Food Stations make All Home Supermarket,


...a melting pot and a cacophony of Filipino and other foreign
cultures, where delicious and affordable food flourish ,

…as they offer a unique culinary experience
exclusively found in the eclectic Vista Malls.


  1. Hi admin! We are going to Naga City for a business seminar. I would love to know on how to go to Vista Mall and SM from our venue in Robinson's. Any suggestions on a cheap mode of transportation such as jeepneys or tricycles routes? Thanks

    1. VistaMall offers free air- conditioned shuttles from three pick- up points. (1) From Pili Centro, (2) From Magsaysay Avenue, and (3) From Central Bus Terminal, located just across SM City Naga.

      You can also take a trike from Robinsons Place to SM City Naga.

      Better else take a taxi or book a GRAB Taxi for you convenience.