Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Gorgeous VistaMall Naga: One Stop Gastronomic Haven (VistaMall Naga Series 1 )

Gorgeous Vista Mall Naga 
One Stop Gastronomic Haven
VistaMall Naga Series 1 

When VistaMall Naga opened its doors  
in Del Rosario,  a suburb in Naga City,  .


...it did not only create massive  traffic  
in a once peaceful residential community,

…it also provided local residents with an
quaint and lovely neighborhood coffee shop,
the instgrammable The Coffee Project Naga,


…an awesome home depo, All Home Naga 

…and probably the most eclectic supermarkets
in the country, the All Day Supermarket Naga.


Gorgeous, gorgeous!  This is what 
All Day Supermarket is all about. 

A charming produce section greets the shoppers into
 the grocery, and had a life- sized farm pick up truck,
 made to appear like it just delivered farm fresh products.

This supermarket heaven has
an extensive selection of goods,



…and every aisle is flanked with a complete
and wide selection of unique merchandise.

It had a well-curated deli section,
that also serve all day breakfast meals,



… a superb wine section right beside it, makes it
easier for the shopper to select the right wine after
picking up the specific cuts of meat and cheeses. 

All Day Supermarket makes you experience
the hustle and bustle of an eclectic wet market
in a more organized and stylish ambiance.


It may be only the supermarket in the
country  that allows their shoppers to
dine in- store in so many different ways. 

Bake My Day, is an in- house bakery that
offers a wide variety freshly baked bread.


There are two Gastroville stations,
the first one serves Pinoy specialties,


…while the second one offers
various international cuisine.

The crowning glory of this supermarket is the Paluto section.
It is a concept in local seafood markets where one could take
what they bought straight to be cooked in a market food stall.

One can do the same at All Day Supermarket, 
but here, food would be handled by professional
chefs and served steaming hot on your table.


Vista Mall’s All Day Supermarket makes grocery
shopping easy, fuss-free and enjoyable family affair. 

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Gorgeous VistaMall Naga
One Stop Gastronomic Haven
VistaMall Naga Series 1

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