Thursday, August 30, 2018

Earthquake Café:Robinsons Place Naga Al Fresco

Earthquake Café 
Robinsons' Place Naga Al Fresco 

Earthquake Café’s attention-grabbing name fascinates me.
 Whenever I am at Robinsons;’ Place Al Fresco section , I feel 
the café’s ibnt3rresting name was always persuading me to 
come and sit down for an earth shattering dining experience.


The repetitive sub- minimal persuasion worked
and my family finally found ourselves dining
in this undeniably conspicuously named café. 


Earthquake Café’s is a two level post- earthquake 
disaster themed café,  and we were happy that they 
serve not just pastries and coffee but all full set meals.


We love German Bratwurst and this
is one kind of sausage that we indulge
whenever we are in a German restaurant.

^^^ Alt Berliner Biersalon, Berlin Germany LINK

^^^ Hofbrahaus (Bavarian Restaurant) LINK
So, we ordered three of their Bratwurst dishes.
 The first one was a Bratwurst Sausage Meal. 
It was very basic, pan fired sausage served with
a cup of garlic rice, instead of the traditional
potatoes. There was also catsup and mayo dip.
It was a very boring dish as they obviously missed 
sauerkraut, mustard and maybe a piece of pickle. 


They tossed in a huge chunk of chicken fillet
on the Bratwurst Chicken Fillet Breakfast 
still no sauerkraut, no mustard and no pickles.
They also replaced the potatoes with garlic rice
that obviously did not go well with the sausage 


The Bratwurst Sandwich was just as disappointing.
The sausage was chopped into quarters, flattened like
a spam, served in a sesame sprinkled burger bun, lying
in a bed of coleslaw and bathed with Cheez Whiz.



They did everything what is wrong in this dish.Ask any purist. 
Tradition dictates that Bratwurst sausages be served on a
 toasted hard roll- not ina hot dog bun and definitely not in a 
burger bun,with butter- not with a disgusting cheese spread,
pickles- not coleslaw, mustard- not ketchup or mayo, and 
course (they forgot) sauerkraut. What is a brat without them? 


Nagarlic Tectonic Chicken Quarter Meal  may be the only saving grace 
in this café.The chicken was so unbelievably tender and juicy.The delightful 
garlicky after taste felt so good in your mouth, so delicious  that you can't
 help but keep on eating it non stop as would leave you craving for more.


The chicken was so good that it could be eaten alone that we forgot
 that it was served  with one of the most delicious Bicol Express 
dish in town. It finally justified the cupful of rice served with the meal.


They also serve superb coffee concoctions. 



Earthquake Café serves excellent coffee and
roast chicken,  price- wise and taste- wise-


…Bratwurst dishes aside.

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