Saturday, August 18, 2018

Bake My Day: Fresh from the Oven Goodness (VistaMall Naga Series 4)

Bake My Day 
Fresh from the Oven Goodness
VistaMall Naga Series 4

Bake My Day recently opened its doors in Naga City
at the second level of VistaMall in del Rosario suburb.


Naguenos shoud not confuse this to Cake my Day
my family’s favorite shop that provided us with so
awesomely designed artisan cakes for a long time.

Bake My Day is not a made to order cake shop, but targets   
bread-loving people and aims to provide freshly baked bread
 by baking everything daily on site,where shoppers can 
see the bakers in action thru a glass paneled bakery.


Just like any other in- house stores in VistaMall,
Bake My Day is decorated with colorful flowers
and old world decors that it resembles a quaint and
lovely European patisserie with a homey ambiance.


The fresh from the oven breads are displayed
and neatly arranged in a tempting bread buffet,


...inside a multi- layered glass paneled counter.



These great tasting breads and
 pastries could be served dine- in,


... or to go, as an  awesome 'pasalubong' at home.



Bake My Day has several branches in other VistaMalls 
in the Philippines, this one, being their first branch in Bicol-


…proudly declaring “Baked in Naga
in one huge and  eye- catching signage,


…it gives Bake My Day in VistaMall Naga an air 
of exclusivity of having a local Bicolano character.

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