Saturday, August 11, 2018

Paluto: Delicious Market Fresh Dishes (VistaMall Naga Series 2)

Delicious Market Fresh Dishes
VistaMall Naga Series 2

The way I see it, half of the shoppers come
to All Day Supermarket not to do their
groceries- but to dine in the Paluto section.

People behind the seafood counter, where there
is a wide array of fresh  and even live seafood,

…and the sleek and accommodating butchers
behind the meat section where a wide selection
of both local and imported meats are found,



are ready to serve you with whatever
you need to be cooked in the Paluto section.


All Day Supermarket’s Paluto concept was inspired from 
common Pinoy practice at local seafood  wet markets-

...where you can have what you bought,
cooked right away to enjoy them very  fresh-



…from the market and served hot and
steaming directly to your dining plate.



There is an extensive list of dishes
to choose from in the Pluto menu.

Choose your dish and have it cooked on
the spot by chefs right before your eyes.


A minimal cooking fee is charged,



...and the food can be eaten at the grocery’s dining 
area, or one may even  opt to take them home,

…an awesome time-saving advantage to make
home dining with your family extra special.


Grocery shopping has never
been this fun and delicious. 

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