Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Tribal Table: Disney’s Jungle Style Dining (Shanghai Disneyland Series 8)

The Tribal Table 
Disney’s Jungle Style Dining
Shanghai Disneyland Series 8 

Located at the Adventure Isle Zone,


The Tribal Table gives guests the chance
to dine  Jungle style Shanghai Disneyland.



It was easy t choose a menu for a family of 4 like us, since 
the Tribal Feast Combo Meal  was meant for 4 persons.


It came as 2 huge platters-



…of  tasty barbecued Tribal Turkey Leg 


Roasted Chicken with Latin Flavor,


…Mickey- shaped-Hash Brown,


Corn in a Cob,  lying is a bed 
of Sautéed String Beans,


…and came 4 bowls of Rice.


It was a full and hearty meal.


Just like our experience at The Barn a day earlier’ Disney
dining has lately became an awesome culinary experience
when the company opened Flavor Lab,  in WDW Orlando
dedicated to food  research and development for its parks.

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