Saturday, November 19, 2016

Burger Home Cooking: Highlands Premium Beef Patties

Burger Home Cooking 
 Highlands Premium Beef Patties

I was happy to discover Highlands Premium Beef Patties, 


…as it is now possible to enjoy the big American burger
experience right in the comfort  of one’s own kitchen ,


...with ready to cook angus beef quarter pounder patties.


If there is one dish that could bring my family to agree
and sit down together for dinner fast and easy, it would
be the huge, tasty good old American style hamburgers.

It is the only food that transcends generation, taste, culture,
 economic class, and could be eaten any time of the day from 
morning until evening. It is the most maligned food among 
health buffs, but I DON”T CARE. I am a physician, yet I turn
calorie blind and also lipid blind on a fat and juicy Big Mac.


The grease could however be lessened by using a right grill,
and at home, we use the awesome George Foreman’s Grill
(yes, you heard it right-  he’s the legendary boxer folks),


…who invented this electronic grill
that cooks very succulent burgers,



…and drains all the fat on a basin at  the bottom of the griller. 

We love using Ciabata Bread as it is firm, it also does
not get soggy so the burger never falls apart on a bite.



The secret for every good burger is the dressing and there’s
no other worthy substitute for American Maid Mayonnaise.



The nutritional value of the burger could
also be improved by using fresh veggies,




…lots of veggies.


This calorie laden dish could kill, but I could not
live without it, and I’d would be willing to die for it. 


Burgers are to die for literally and figuratively.

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