Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Chef Doy’s; Bicol’s Best Restaurant

Chef Doy’s
Bicol’s Best Restaurant 

Chef Doy’s restrictive parking area prevents us
from dining more frequently, in this otherwise,
what we consider our all  time favorite restaurant.

But at the onslaught of typhoon Karen, when the city
was under storm signal # 2, we knew that it was the best
time to be in Magsaysay as there would be very few people
that would come out to dine on a stormy Sunday weekend.


We were right. We were the only people there
and we had the restaurant all for ourselves.


This restaurant serves one of the best sinigang in the city,
so we ordered Baboy at Gulay sa Sampalok. It is a traditional
tamarind broth soup with tender pork belly and vegetables.
We love Chef Doy’s sinigang as it has just the right degree
of sourness that I have repeatedly described in this blog as
“not enough to wrinkle your face in acerbic revulsion”


The Fried Kilawing Pating is very unique, as the shark meat
marinated in vinegar spices (also known as kilawin in Filipino)
was deep fried to golden crispy perfection. A delicious culinary
fusion and a brilliant option for people who does not eat raw fish.


The Ginataang Sugpo, Sitaw at Kalabasa is a culinary masterpiece.
I have gotten used to the traditional ‘ginataang kalabasa’ where it is
usually lightly seasoned with shrimp paste, but this one used huge
yummy prawns and made them one of the major ingredients. Call it
flavoring to the max and it is one example that putting something in
excess works. The yard long beans or ‘sitaw’ went well with the dish.

My son loves fish so we always order Tustadong Plapla everytime
we dine here. We also love how they fried the huge tilapia perfectly
as it was well cooked and crispy on the outside yet succulent inside.

The restaurant also offers varied Pinoy desserts like Pinakro.
While the traditional version uses slightly salted banana simmered
in coconut cream, Chef Doy, Naga’s virtuoso chef brilliantly fused
it another native Filipino dessert- ripe guava. The result is a feast
for the gustatory senses. A merry mix of sweetish yet, salty delight.

The Hulog Hulog sa Salabat was perfect for the cold weather.
This ground glutinous rice poached in sweetened ginger tea.
This ‘salabat’ based dish was favorite treat at home when I was
growing up and it brought sweet memories of  my childhood

The Frozen Brazo was delicious as it refreshing and you can
actually bite the small pieces of crystallized ice that neutralizes
the sweetness of the divine dessert once it melts in your tongue.

I was also tempted to try their Sili Ice Cream,which I believe
is a misnomer. Unlike the popular Colonial Grill which make
the ‘sili’ as the main flavoring, Chef Doy’s version are regularly
flavored ice cream like Cookies and Cream or Vanilla spiced
with ‘siling labuyo’ of different degree or intensity of hotness.

We tired the Cookies and Cream Sili Ice Cream and it was good.

We have always enjoyed Chef Doy’s innovative and delicious food.
If there is one restaurant in the region that has the solitary right to claim
as the best restaurant in Bicol, I personally believe it is Chef Doy’s. 

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