Saturday, April 15, 2017

Jannah’s Mini Homemade Donut: CamNorte’s Best Tasting Donuts

Jannah’s Mini Homemade Donut
CamNorte’s Best Tasting Donuts 

I love homemade donuts and I once featured the best
tasting home made donuts in Naga City in this blog
(LINK HERE). For some unknown reasons, the store
had stopped producing these yummy donuts  lately.

Just as I thought I would never had a chance to taste
these classic homemade donuts, a patient from Daet
brought me ‘mini donuts’ from Jannah’s Pasalubong,

…which according to the label is
from Vinzons, Camarines Norte.


It tasted exactly like the delicious homemade sugar raised donuts that 
I have raved in my past blog,   and craved for a long time and I was 
already losing hope that I would never be able to taste it again- until now.


The mini donut is a little bit larger than the munchkins,
it was plump that the donut hole was non- existent
and appeared nothing like a small surface indentation.

It is dense and chewy to the bite, and a  flavorful explosion 
of creamy, milky with  light custard aftertaste fills you mouth,

…and would make you crave for more.


Jannah’s Mini Homemade Donut from
Jannah’s Pasalubong is definitely the
best tasting homemade donuts in Bicol.
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