Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Afternoon Tea at Cafe Plazuela: Avenue Plaza’s Relaxing Tea Break

Afternoon Tea at Cafe Plazuela
Avenue Plaza’s Relaxing Tea Break 

The best place in Naga City to while away the scorching
summer heat is to book a room at Avenue Plaza Hotel,

…and head for the pool to swim,

…and have a relaxing Afternoon Tea
 at Cafe Plazuela with family and friends.

They have several sets of tasty afternoon tea packages,



...and we ordered three sets.


Each set is filled with delightful pastries,














...and to my little cookie monster son's delight- cookies. 


The choice for tea is varied,


…and they are served in a porcelain teapot.

My son however opted for cookie milk dunking snack,
his favorite  pastime, in lieu of an afternoon tea time,

…while my wife opted for a coffee.


Coffee, milk or tea, whatever you choose,
everyone is guaranteed to have  an awesome
experience and a tasty snack at Café Plazuela.

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