Saturday, January 16, 2016

Avenue Plaza Hotel: Café Plazuela, New Menu, New Delicious Offerings (Awesome Avenue Plaza Series 5)

Avenue Plaza Hotel: Café Plazuela 
New Menu, New Delicious Offerings
(Awesome Avenue Plaza Series 5)

We received an invitation when Avenue Plaza Hotel’s
Café Plazuela launched its new chef and new menu.

While it was an honor to be invited by the prestigious hotel,
we did not attend it as we expected a large number of city’s
known personalities in the occasion. We didn’t want to feel
out of place, and we are never comfortable interacting with
VIPs so we make it a point to keep away from social events.

We finally had a chance to dine at Café Plazuela,
when we checked in during my daughter’s debut
where we had lunch shortly before checking out.

My young son ordered Pork Ribs and the waiter informed us that the 
dish  comes in huge servings so my wife decided to share  the order 
with my son. Indeed, it came in three huge slabs of juicy  and tender ribs, 
bathed in a  delicious sweetish sauce, lying on a generous mound of
 Potato Mousseline  with fresh veggies  on the side. It was very delicious.

My daughter had Salmon Supreme Chassuer, made of grilled 
crispy  salmon fillet in a bed of Potato Mousseline, served with spring
 vegetables and saffron. One should take pleasure and relish this beautifully 
plated dish  for a while, but that is difficult to do, as the savory aroma 
could make you lose control of your intense seafood craving .

Café Plazuela is the home of best steaks in the city, so I ordered  
Australian Tenderloin Steak.  Served hot off the grill to a juicy, 
tender and divinely delicious medium rare perfection . It came with 
various fresh vegetables and a generous mound of mashed potatoes. 


The hotel patriarch saw us and he came to our table to
greet us and graciously gave us a complimentary dessert .


After dining, we bumped unto my aunt and her husband, both retired US based 
physicians, and die hard Café Plazuela fans, who drove all the way from Polangui, 
Albay just to dine in their favorite restaurant in Bicol. It has been quite a while when 
we last saw them so we took a chance of having our photos taken with them.

Just like us, thy could not stop raving on how delicious the new

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