Monday, July 16, 2012

Avenue Plaza Hotel Spazio Room

Avenue Plaza Hotel
Spazio Room
Naga City

While we have already stayed several times
at the  Avenue Plaza Hotel's
Palazzio Room (Executive Suite) …

….and I raved about it
 in my past review-

but we never had a chance to stay in the
Smaller Spazio Room until last June 22.

We tendered a dinner for our
employees and household staff
at one of their function rooms…

…and we tried to reserve another Palazzio Room
so the kids would have a room to rest... case they  get bored and sleepy
during this all adult occasion…

All their bigger rooms
were fully booked...

…and all they had
was a Standard Twin room.

We booked the room since we do not
intend to sleep overnight
and the room would just serve
as a rest area for the kids.

The room has sleek interiors ,

looks inviting and homey…

It appears like any other
standard hotel room,

but on a closer look,
they offer much more…

It has two comfortable single meds,
(But actually big enough for two persons)…

Flat screen TV, 
and free WiFi…

And even the smallest thing
that would make a guest comfortable
were present in the said budget room…

They  have two phones,
by the bedside...

and another in the toilet…

…a retractable clothesline,which
we rarely find in hotels nowadays…

...and even a bathtub,
a rarity in most hotels
for a room this size…

all for 4, 058 +++ published rate…

Just like the Palazzio Room-
the Spazzio lives up to my previous review.
You get (much) more 
from what you paid for.


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  1. Thank you for visiting Cristeen. In my opinion, Avenue Plaza hotel is still the best hotel you get in Naga City.