Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mojave, the Avenue, Iloilo

Note: Again, this is a repost as this was posted in the Iloilo/Guimaras post earlier. Just like Bauhinia, a great restaurant like Mojave deserves its own dedicated  space.
the Avenue, Iloilo

The Avenue Lifestyle Center
is a culinary treasure.

two US- themed restaurants
caught our attention: Bourbon St. and Mojave

My family loves American food.

We had to choose between
 good old Creole cooking in Bourbon St.,
and the call of the American West in Mojave...

The temptation of having juicy ribs and burgers
was just too enticing to refuse.
Mojave gives you an ambiance
on being inside an Old American Tavern.

It serves authentic Angus Beef
..and unlimited complimentary popcorn
made by an antique popcorn machine.

The Potato and Cheese Chowder was creamy and chunky
reminiscent of those in SF’s Fisherman’s Wharf ,
without hollowed sour bread where the latter is served.

My daughter ordered
a Beef- Bacon Deluxe…

...while I got myself
a giant 10 oz Angus Sirloin Burger….

My wife and Son
shared the really tasty Ribs and Shrimps
with barbecue flavored sauce..

Everything tasted so great
that I gorged myself with the huge servings
until I was too full and drowsy and ready to sleep.


Mojave is a five- star restaurant
without the five star- price tag.

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