Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Eat Love Laugh Valentine Show: The Tent, Avenue Plaza Hotel

Eat, Love, Laugh Valentine Show 
The Tent, Avenue Plaza Hotel

 We actually never go out on a Valentines Day as most of 
the restaurants in Naga City are  crowded and  filled to the brim.

 Unexpectedly, two days before the Valentine’s Day, 
I received two tickets as a gift for a dinner show called
 Eat, Love, Laugh at the Avenue Plaza Hotel.

 We never go out on any occasion without 
the kids, and  we always turn down any all adult 
social events, so I called the hotel and their 
accredited  ticket outlets if I could buy two extra
 tickets, but the show was apparently fully booked.

 I also sent a private message at the hotel’s 
facebook page and was told that the show 
was fully booked, but they will contact me 
again if they got a chance to accommodate us.

 I wasn’t hoping much and told my secretary 
that I would give her the dinner show tickets 
if the two kids wouldn’t be able to go with us.

Shortly after lunch, I received as message  
from Ms. Apple, Avenue Plaza’s event manager 
that they would be able to accommodate my
whole family for the show at no additional cost.


 I was thankful, but I called her that while   appreciate their kindness and
generosity,  I wouldn’t want to take extra persons at the dinner show
 for free. They were insistent for the complimentary ticket, but I  finally 
able to convince them just  give us a discount and we settled for 50% off.

The Valentine night was  
perfect as it was a full moon,

 …and the venue was fabulously decorated,  

...and we had a table right in front of the stage.

The show was great and lively, as
 the artists were brilliant and talented,

 …and the audience was cool and pro- active.

 Ladies were given long stemmed roses,

 …while the five course dinner was served.

Cream of Cauliflower Soup was served as  
a starter. It was the first time that I heard that  
there is such thing as cauliflower cream,   
and it was a delicious way to start a dinner.

 Then came the Fresh Mixed Green Salad 
with Crisp Poached Egg in Caesar Dressing. 
I couldn’t get enough of this salad as the egg alone 
 was  fried to a perfect crispiness on the outside  
and remained soft, chewy and creamy on the inside. 
This dish reminded of a more sanitary and more 
upscale version of, Kwek kwek, a popular tasty  
Pinoy street food but served in a five star fashion.

 I’m glad that they included Pan Fried Salmon Fillet 
in the main course, as Avenue Plaza Hotel is  really 
the place to go in one is craving for a perfectly cooked 
pan fried fish dishes. It was served with Spicy Mango Relish 
and Horse Radish, Potato Puree in Creamy White Sauce.

 Another dish that was served in the main course was  
the Grilled Sirloin Steak with Sautéed Cabbage and  
Spinach, Roasted Pumpkin in Rosemary Jus

This meat dish is to die for. The steak was well done 
and yet still very tender and retained it natural juices  that
 bursts in your mouth into flavorful sensation in every bite.


 The delicious Moist Chocolate Cake with Chili Parfait 
with Blueberry Glazed Sorbet was a perfect way 
to conclude the wonderful and sumptuous dinner.

 And indeed, just like our dining experiences in the 
 past, Avenue Plaza Hotel never fails to please 
us with their superb food and excellent service.

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