Saturday, July 12, 2014

Best Places to Give in to Your Cravings in Naga City .

Best Places to Give in to
 Your Cravings in Naga City .

 Cinnamon flavored rolls, soft baked pretzels 
 sugar raised donuts and candied apples- these are
some of the favorite things that my family craves.

 Who could say no to a freshly
baked Cinnabon Classic Roll?

 The musky- sweet aroma, the warm chewy bread 
topped with thick and rich cream frosting would 
make one slow down to stop and enjoy the smell
of cinnamon let it linger in your senses for a while.

 Pretzels! Glorious Pretzels! We could never
resist the temptation of soft baked twisted bread
anywhere we are,  in any part of the world.

It could be enjoyed to go…

…or in the comfort of
any Auntie Ann’s outlets.

Delicious Sugar Raised Dunkin Donuts and
piping hot coffee on cold autumn weather.

Unfortunately most of these, except for the  Dunkin Donuts are 
not available in Naga, which has several branches all over the city,

…and we could just drive and stop for a
while to enjoy their fluffy donuts anytime.

…the local version may not be as large as its foreign counterparts 
 but they taste exactly the same, and just as satisfying.

Auntie Anne’s so far is the best source of soft baked pretzels in the country and
although they have numerous branches in the Philippines , they have none in Naga City.

But Yellow Cab’s Twisted Bread is a very
tasty alternative so there is really need to worry.

It comes in three different flavors,
like Tomato Basil Twisted Bread,

Roasted Garlic and Cheese,


…and my family’s favorite
is the Four Cheese Flavor.

Just like Auntie Anne’s, Cinnabon  have several stores 
in the country but they have none in Naga City,

…but luckily, we have Starbucks 
and it is very good alternative.

Starbucks may not have the sweet
and spicy smell of cinnamon as the
store smells more of roasted coffee,

…but Starbucks Cinnamon Swirls are
just as delicious and a perfect substitute
when we are craving for the real thing.

 Incidentally, Starbucks serves yummy  
Honey  Raised Donuts although not the chewy type 
as it tastes more like a Krispy Kreme variety, it is an 
excellent alternative for Dunkin's sugar raised donuts.

For the Candied Apples


Although staple in most fairs of the western countries,
I have yet to find an alternative in Naga City.  We may have
 to settle for home made ones if we have time to prepare one.

A friend suggested an alternative-   

Mango Slices Dried Sweetened

Preserved Mangoes, perhaps?

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