Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Moraville Hotel’s Dinner Buffet: Delightful Spread of all- time Pinoy Favorites

Moraville Hotel’s Dinner Buffet 
Delightful Spread of all- time Pinoy Favorites 

It was by accident that we got to dine 
at the Morvaville Hotel Dinner Buffet. 
We intended to dine at SM but the queue  
to the multi- level parking was kilometric,


 … so we decided to try Magsaysay-  
still, we found no vacant parking space.

 We tried our luck in Centro, 
still everything was full packed-

 …but when we turned to Dinaga St., 
the Eat All you Can Signage at the 
Moraville Hotel caught our attention,

 …and miraculously there was an available  
parking space, and we finally had a chance to  
try the hotel’s buffet that consisted of mostly 
all time delightful Pinoy favorite dishes.

wasn’t able to document our first visit, 
but I couldn’t stop raving about the buffet 
that had all our home cooked favorites on it.

 Together with some of our employees, we
 returned after a week, armed with a camera,
-so I could blog about this affordable but 
tasty, all you can eat restaurant hotel.

 There was Sinigang na Baboy cooked  
the way we wanted it to be- just the exact  
degree of sourness, that it could serve as a 
soup starter or even as a main viand itself.

 I couldn’t stop returning for multiple servings 
of Humba, a sweetish dish made of very  
tender, melt on the mouth pork knuckles , 
cooked with bananas and black beans.

 The good thing with the Chicken Pork Adobo, 
was that, despite almost being devoid of fat, 
and not bathing and reeking with soy sauce-
it was still moist and very tasty and seemed to  
have been cooked by a heart friendly chef.

 I’m not a fan of Menudo and it wouldn’t  
be fair if I would review one of my least  
favorite food, but it may have tasted really  
good to most of the diners- considering that  
the dish  disappears fast after being refilled.

 Some people may cringe on the idea of eating  
a concoction of porcine blood and innards, but  
the Moraville version of Dinuguan is one of the  
best dishes in the buffet, that I also had to return 
several times for extra serving and there was  
a Rice Puto to go with it at the dessert section.

 My family’s favorite dish is the delicious  
Kare- kare, and for this alone, it is worth  
every penny spent on this affordable buffet.

 The kids also enjoyed the delicious  
Fish Fillet Nuggets, that was served   
with pleasantly tangy tartar sauce. 

 Of course, no buffet in Bicol is complete 
without the iconic Bicol Express and Laing.

There were also several choices at  
the dessert section and our favorite  
was the delicious Ginatan where I  
kept on returning for several servings.

 I also liked the finger- sized Banana Turon, 
the Rice Puto went well with the Dinuguan, 
and the bite sized Maja Blanca was heavenly.

 For an affordable price of 190 pesos, 
the Moraville Hotel dinner buffet gives
the diner the best value for money, 

...as it was a superb spread of very affordable, 
popular  and delightful all- time Pinoy  favorites.

The buffet comes with free unlimited
servings of Pineapple Juice. 

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