Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Edgardo’s Sinangag Plaza: 24/7 Pinoy Breakfast at Centro Square

Edgardo's Sinangag Plaza
24/7 Pinoy Breakfast at Centro Square 

Edgardo’s Sinangag Plaza originated from Camarines Norte
and recently opened a branch in Centro Square in Naga City.


Centro Square is a huge dormitory/hotel and business complex
so it is understandable why the restaurant is always full packed,

…as it is affordable and has captive costumers like in- house
hotel guests and students staying in the dormitory, as well as
from the nearby Universidad de Sta Isabel and Ateneo de Naga.

There is really nothing extraordinary in Edgardo’s Sinangag Plaza
as the restaurant serves nothing but generic Pinoy breakfast combo,

…like Tosilog that stands for a rice meal with
tocino, sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (egg),


Porksilog (pork chop, sinangag and itlog),

Bangsilog (Bangus or milkfish, sinangag and itlog)

Hotsilog (Hotdogs sinangag and itlog),


…and Shanghaisilog ( Lumpia Shanghai, sinangag and itlog)


Being named as sinangag plaza, I was expecting
a variety of fried rice dishes, yet they have nothing 
but an unexciting soy- sauce based, garlic fried rice.


The servings were generous and filling and  for
 75 pesos per set meal, it is very budget friendly.

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