Tuesday, April 11, 2017

De Oro BBQ King: Delicious BBQ and Beyond

De Oro BBQ King 
Delicious BBQ and Beyond

Although I ranted in my past blog that the restaurant
was hot and humid, it was actually a love at first bite
when we dined at De Oro BBQ King few months ago.


We returned this time to try their other dishes
that they offer beyond their popular BBQ fares.

We started with Chicken Tinola as a soup starter.
The broth tasted so naturally delicious and devoid
of any artificial flavoring. The chicken was tender
and tasty mixed generous varied fresh vegetables
and was not overcooked. Definitely one of the best
tinola dishes we have ever tasted in Naga City.


Chicken Halang Halang is a Visayan chicken dish.
I have tired this dish in Cebu and I remember it was
very similar to a spicy ginataang manok. This one
however tasted like a saucy and spicy chicken adobo.
It was otherwise just as delicious. According to the
crew,  “halang” means spicy in the Visayan dialect.


The Pork Sisig was addicting. The chopped pig’s cartilage
probably from ears and cheeks seasoned with vinegar and
calamansi, chopped onions and topped with raw egg. It was
served sizzling in hot plate was deliciously gooey. With the
delightfully tangy flavor sticking at the roof of your mouth and
lingers for a long time in your tongue, make you crave for more.


We loved the Pork Sinugba, the first time we tried it few
weeks ago so we ordered it again. It was tender, perfectly
grilled and was  marinated with just the right amount of
vinegar and spices. It had a right degree sweetness and not
disgustingly sweet like most Filipino style- pork barbecue.  
I believe this is probably the best dish in this restaurant. 

Chicken BBQ is their specialty dish and a visit in this restaurant
is never complete without it. It was marinated in sugar- laced fluid
that caramelizes on grilling. Just like the Sinogba, the chicken was
also perfectly grilled and very tender. It was also not sickeningly
sweet  as compared to other typical Pinoy barbecues of this kind.

De Oro BBQ King is an affordable barbecue
restaurant that also offers a wide array of delicious
dishes beyond their popular grilled specialties.

The only problem with De Oro BBQ King
 is having an al- fresco dining area and an
indoor dining hall  that is not air- conditioned.


...that gets too hot and humid at day time, 
and bug infested at night time.

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