Tuesday, January 31, 2017

De Oro BBQ King: Affordable BBQ Treats

De Oro BBQ King 
Affordable BBQ Treats 

We have been trying to dine on De Oro BBQ King 
since it opened, but it was always overflowing with
diners on peak hours and never got a chance to do so.


So on an unholy hour of 3 PM, on a Sunday weekend,
we chanced upon the almost empty restaurant our way
to watch La La Land, and we took advantage to have
a late lunch as we have not eaten anything after breakfast.


The restaurant has two sections,
first, is the indoor dining area,


…and an alfresco dining area.


We were amused of the several fancy chairs,
and my young son had fun sitting on them.


There was no air- conditioning but the cold and breezy 
California- like weather on the first two months of the year
 in the country makes dining in this restaurant bearable.


The downside of dining in a non- air conditioned facility in 
a tropical country like the Philippines, is it could really get 
 uncomfortably  humid here when summer season comes.


Most of the meals here comes with unlimited serving
of rice, reminiscent of the more popular Mang Inasal.


I ordered Sinugba, and this is probably the best dish in this restaurant. 
The pork loin was perfectly grilled. It was  tender and was  marinated with 
just the right amount of vinegar and spices and had a slight hint of sweetness 
but was not disgustingly sweet like most popular Filipino style- pork barbecue.


The Chicken Barbecue was a typical Pinoy style barbecue, cured with sugar- 
laced  marinade that caramelizes on grilling. It was okay. The chicken was tender 
and not  sickeningly sweet as expected of these type of meat candy barbecues. 


Sweet and Sour Pork is our favorite Chinese dish and we ordered one.  
Unlike most versions that had lighter yellow to orange sauce,  this one looked 
gross as it had a darker sauce that appeared like it was bathed in blood.


We were initially reluctant to  touch it, but it turned out to be very 
delicious that we ordered another one to take home to our daughter.


My daughter did not go with us as she had to study
for an examination and we ordered an additional 
Pork Barbecue, which she tremendously enjoyed. 


De Oro BBQ King is a straight forward, no frills, open- air restaurant
 that offers delicious and affordable, crave worthy barbecue treats.


I wish they would open up an air- conditioned area where
people could dine in comfort this coming summer season.

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