Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Single Ancestry: Cronut Milk Dunking Snacks

Single Ancestry 
Cronut Milk Dunking Snacks 

It was our routine post- haircut weekend bonding-
just me and my son, without his mom and his sister.


The cookie monster that is with little Tim, was again
craving for cookies to we headed to Single Ancestry. 


It is a new coffee shop at Magsaysay Avenue, with
an imposing industrial themed interiors, reminiscent  
of  Starbucks at Universal Citywalk in Orlando.

My son was disappointed when we were
told that they have no cookies and wanted
to move to the nearby Starbucks Naga, 

...but I coaxed him to try the cronuts instead.

Cronuts are novelty pastries that fused croissant to
a donut came in several flavors in Single Ancestry 
and my son chose the buttermilk and chocolate.

The milk came sprinkled with choco powder on top,

…and the milk- dipped cronuts tasted divine.


While I extremely enjoyed their
delicious and refreshing drinks,

…I didn’t get to try thee coffee and it gives
me a reason to return to  Single Ancestry.


  1. It looks more like a Crueller than a Cronut. just saying

    1. You may be right. I believe they identified it as a crueller, but the term just wasn't familiar to me and I mistakenly recalled it as a cronut when I was writing this blog.

      Thank you for the correction.