Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Café Plazuela: Deliciously Classy Pinoy Dishes

Café Plazuela 
Deliciously Classy Pinoy Dishes

Café Plazuela, Avenue Plaza Hotel’s in house restaurant,
is an elegant restaurant, very refined yet un intimidating .
They have an awesome conviviality is not restrictive or
scripted and comes out naturally making guests feel at ease.

We dined at Café Plazuela with our employees and as expected,
we again had one of the best culinary experiences of our lives,
this time with their new Filipino- Bicolano inspired fusion dishes.


It was a seven- course dinner and we had a choice
of  either the deliciously creamy Pumpkin Soup,


…or the tangy Capsicum Soup.

The Blue Marlin Steak was cooked the Pinoy Bistek way.
The huge slabs fish pan fried and bathed with the thick and
soy based sauce then topped with sautéed white onion rings.
Everyone loved this dish the we needed extra servings of rice.


We all loved the merry mix that is Seafood Medley. 
It was delectable mix of seafood, like prawns, salmon
and mackerel fillet. It tasted so good that it disappeared
fast from our table. We had to order an additional serving.

The Pork Ribs came in three huge slabs of juicy and tender ribs,
bathed in a delicious sweetish sauce, topped with baby potatoes
with various chopped fresh vegetables. It was very delicious.


Everyone’s favorite was the perfectly fried and crispy Bagnet.
The popular Ilocano dish was given a clever Bicolano twist by
serving the crunchy slabs of meat lying on a ‘gata’ based sauce.

The Mixed Vegetables was a vegetarian delight.
A generous mix of various fresh, crunchy and
colorful vegetables bathed in a tasty buttery sauce.

We were all captivated by the Laing Cannelloni as it was a work of a genius
The iconic Bicol dish made of taro leaves simmered in creamy coconut milk
and wrapped in cannelloni topped with plump shrimps, mushrooms, red and
green bell peppers and the super hot ‘siling labuyo’.The ordinary laing was
transformed to a luxuriously delicious world- class fusion cuisine, like it was
a perfect match made in heaven. The world should know about this dish and
I would recommend this as a must try and must order dish in Café Plazuela.

The wide selection of delicious Pinoy fusion dishes
Café Plazuela’s menu,  makes Avenue Plaza Hotel
a world class culinary haven in this part of the world.

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