Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chateau de Sta. Isabel

Chateau de Sta.  Isabel
Naga City

Stay and Feast

Chateau de Sta. Isabel
is a laboratory hotel owned
by the Unversidad de Sta Isabel,

...and operated by their Tourism  and
Hotel and Restaurant Management
students undergoing practicum.

It used to be the old Mother Seton Hospital-
and was converted to a hotel,

…located between St Joseph School
and Plaza Medica Bldg.,
accessible thru Panganiban Drive,
and just few blocks away from SM City Naga.


We dined at the hotel’s
restaurant and we were entertained
by very young  student intern,

I asked her what the name of the restaurant was
and apologized that she doesn’t know-

It was  Petite Ville according to the signage.

This student seem not to be doing
her homework- I reckoned.

She led us to a private dining area
and the meticulous table arrangement
impressed us.

The menu was simple
and straightforward.

My wife ordered her usual
 favorite Fish and Chips...

...my son had
a breaded Pork Chop,

...my daughter ordered
Boneless Fried Chicken...

Interestingly , the fish, the chicken and the pork
tasted  the same- all with a dominant raw flour flavor
and slight bitter after taste.

They may have used
the same breading tor the food-

I ordered my Favorite Hito dish
and it tasted very good.

Aside from Petite Ville 
the hotel also had two
in house dining options.

The Le Galerie
which is a garden restaurant

And the Galerie Café
a gourmet bar.

A nun playing classical music
on the grand piano on the lobby,

...added as a superb attraction to the hotel’s
simple yet- somewhat elegant ambiance.


My wife’s niece who was a HRM student
 happened to be on duty night.

She gave us a tour 
on the hotel 

^^^One of the two tidy kitchens

^^^Prayer Room

^^^Meeting Room

...including rooms and suites.

The hotel offers decent,

…clean and comfortable

That starts at 900 per per night.

This is a real budget hotel
 with well equipped rooms

...and all the young students
and nuns around you ready
to give you their best services,

…the guests are assured
that they are in good company.

Chateau Isabel is one good alternative
say- to the soon to open Sogo Hotel in Naga.

Our conservative side will surely 
say Amen to that.. 


  1. Do this Daughters of Charity owned hotel serves alcoholic beverages in their bar.

  2. In your previous posts- your family stayed in the hotels that you reviewed.

    You only visually toured this hotel. In your opinion- would you check in in this hotel and give it a favorable review?

    1. The post about the hotel rooms was more of a presentation rather than a review.

      Yes, I have not stayed in the hotel and merely done an ocular tour of the facility.

      And just looking at it and try to consider the price of the room, a guest actually gets more for what he paid for. It’s a real budget or ‘sulit’ hotel.

      Will I stay there?

      Well, If I’m on my own and looking for a safe, clean and affordable accommodation- yes.

      Will I check in the hotel with the whole family? That’s another story.

      My review for this hotel would be similar to the Smallville 21 Hotel in my Iloilo post.

      Read here for more:

      That's my very first post in this blog last June 2012

  3. The food plating looks unappetizing and uninspired.

    Young students are supposed to be at the peak of their artistry and creativity.

    I'll give them an "F" if I were their teacher.

    1. I agree with you 100%.

      I don't like the plating either- but they are students and I do not expect something spectacular at this moment yet.

      Let's give them more time and more chance to learn and develop their talents.

      I'll reserve my 'F' to the teachers.

    2. There are also schools with spectacular students. Maybe they (the school) don't have those.

      They deserve to be rated F.

  4. The student also didn't know the name of the restaurant where she is going on duty.

    That's unacceptable.

    Give her an F.

  5. Please don't be too judgemental..

  6. I would love to read a review of Sogo Hotel on your standpoint.

    That would be interesting to hear from this blog about the hotel with a dreadful reputation. Reading blogs about hotels with immaculate reputations is becoming too predictable.

  7. Umm before anybody reacts at my post please consider that Im not doing this to spill dirt on anyone, Its just Im morally oblidged to tell you good people the truth about the history of this hotel. First let me begin by saying this hotel is owned and operated by a famous university in Naga, It was the former annexed building where physical theraphy and nursing students study have their respective classes. The third floor of the building used to be a morgue and an anatomy room. To tell truth I went to the said university myself for my college education and we have to share the building with the colleges of nursing and PT. During hot days the smell of formaldehyde and other stuff that I rather not know is barely tolerable. But please dont take my word for it if you have any doubt ask any local from Naga and they will tell you the exact same thing. If you are not much bothered with this then please, I honestly wish you to enjoy your stay.

    1. That’s creepy.

      But anyway, in addition to that disturbing trivia, the hotel used to be the old Mother Seton Hospital. I don’t know where the old hospital morgue was located but that would definitely be at the rear portion of first floor of the hotel now.

      After building a new hospital facility in Diversion Road, the building became a Medical Arts Facility and I even held my clinic there in the late 1990’s.

      In 2000, it became a Medical School (which I was a faculty) but shut down after 3 years due to lack of students.

      That third floor morgue that you may be referring may the morgue used by the Medical and Physical Therapy students for their anatomy classes.

      Then came the hotel.

    2. i was born there! i had my check ups there! i was confined there! i went to college there! our college used to be there. 3rd and 4th year to be more specific. lolz!

    3. I also went their during my 3rd and 4th year and yes I can confirm the other guy isn't exagerating there really is a wierd smell during hot days. Oh and an additional trivia....back in those days most people dont dare to stay in the building after 5pm becuase as the story goes spooky things happen lol

  8. I'm an Isabelina(student from that university)and I think that you've over judged the students and most especially the teachers in that school. Majority of the contests joined by our university (
    in terms of cooking,bartending,etc.) won 1st place(not just regionals).

    1. This blog is not about the contest joined by the students.

      The comment is about a student who was on duty but unaware of the name of the restaurant where she was working.

      That is weird.

      There was not a single derogatory comment in this blog about the hotel, the teachers and the hotel services.

      Maybe the student on duty was not the one sent to the contest.

    2. lolz! the student may know the name of the restaurant. he may no just know how to pronounce it! lolz!

  9. ok i get your point sir. Maybe i just got too offended by some of the comments. Just remove all of my comments here :) Thank you

    1. Your comment was okay.

      Some of the comments would really offend some people but they are nothing but good natured observations that keep this blog alive ans kicking.

      Again, thank you for visiting my blog.