Monday, December 3, 2012

Lovely Carlovy Vary, Real Life Fantasy Land

Lovely Karlovy Vary
Turn of the Century Spa Town

On our third day in Prague, 
we booked a trip to Karlovy Vary 
a famous spa town located in the western part 
of the Czech Republic

We all woke up early and waited  for the van 
that would pick us up from Hotel Golden Star.

…to the Wenceslas Square,

...where to took a mini bus,

…and traveled for 2 hours 
passing thru scenic countryside

…sweeping cattle pastures,

…lovely rustic playgrounds,

…and acres and acres of 
Canola plantations.

The site of the castle like Hotel Imperial 
welcomed us to the town of Karlovy Vary  
while we were winding thru a zig zag road 
 on the way down to the valley.

Karlovy Vary is about 120 km away from Prague 
and the most popular spa town in the Czech Republic.

The town’s beautiful historic buildings 
literally take your breath away…

You feel like being transported back to 
the glorious Victorian Era.

…of beautiful and elaborately 
decorated buildings,

...musical sidewalks,

…intricately designed colonnades
that are found everywhere.


It was a feast for the senses for my wife 

who is a die hard Victorian Era fan…

Since the town is located in a valley, 

it is surrounded by lush forested mountains 
with trees showing the colors of autumn…

We came to see the main spring 
that spurts out water in a fountain…

…and get to drink the famous mineral water 
that promised healing for various illness.

The water ‘tastes yucky…’ 
commented the kids.

Karlovy Vary is also the site of the
popular Karlovy Vary International film festival
being held in the only modern looking building in town.

'Being in Karlovy Vary' the kids said 
'is being like in Disneyland'.

Indeed- it looks like we are  in Disney’s 
 well planned Main Street , 

....where turn-of-the-century architecture 
of a bygone era was recreated, 
but this time- it’s for real.

If we consider Prague 
as the most beautiful city in the world 
then Karlovy Vary comes next.

We returned to Prague in the afternoon
 with the thought that staying longer
in Karlovy Vary is one of the best
reasons for us to return to the Czech Republic.

Restaurace Charlie 
Karlovy Vary

Restaurace Charlie was themed after 
the great Charlie Chaplin…. 

…and serves traditional Czech cuisine – 

During our visit they served us 
Fresh Vegetable salad as starter...

…Vegetarian Spaghetti for my daughter
which she gobbled up with gusto…

while the rest of us ordered
the traditional Czech dish of pork  dumplings.

It was a beautiful restaurant that serves
yummy traditional Czech Cuisine

....that satisfied our craving for good food

 after a busy day
at the the scenic Resort Town.